4 hair colours you'll love this winter!

July 10, 2015 - 1 min read

As the months begin to cool down, many of us find our hair suffer from dryness and dull colour. Warm up your hair and bring life back to your locks with these hair trends!


A sexy combination of blonde and brown, this shade is simply divine! You’ll find that is hair colour will bring a natural warmth to your complexion and requires little maintenance, perfect for the ‘I just woke up like this’ look! Your hairdresser can help find the right shade to suit you.

Wheat blonde

Being a blonde bombshell may look amazing, but when it comes to maintenance, it can be a nightmare. For a bright look that is suitable for dark blondes and light-to-medium brunettes, you have to try this colour! Brighter than dirty blonde, but more subtle than platinum, there’s nothing not to love about this awesome shade!

Rose gold

Some may call it risky and others may call it damn right amazing! If you’re one for rocking colours that differ from the norm, rose gold is for you. Perfect for people with fair skin, this look can be achieved with professional highlights, topped with a glowing gloss!


Sombré refers to a softer take on the classic ombré colour, that we all know and love. Popular with a number of A-list celebs who have ditched the obvious ombré look and instead opted for its little sister, this style provides a more delicate and blended finish, which looks great on a vairety of hair colours.

Know what colour you want? Great! Now all that’s left to do is bite the bullet and book an appointment.

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