Stump and Tree Removal: FAQ Guide 2019

Trees can become a great feature for our backyard, and can increase our property value. However, sometimes they can become dangerous or a nuisance. Here is our 2019 FAQ guide for every question you may have on stump and tree removal.

Plant life may be great for the environment, the value of your property and for scenery, but an unmaintained hazardous tree can also be a massive risk. However, if you’ve ever tried to remove a tree or stump before, you’d know it’s a tiring chore normally best left to the experts.

We’ve dug into the best tree care tips and removal advice to ensure your yard is safe and sound.

Stump and Tree Removal FAQ Guide

Is there a difference between a tree lopper and an arborist?

In Australia, a tree lopper is someone who trims and maintains trees foliage, while an arborist is highly trained in assessing and maintaining the health of trees for proper growth or removal, if required. A tree lopper does not require specific qualifications in Australia, while an arborist must hold a minimum Certificate III in Arboriculture.

It’s incredibly important to ensure the professional you use for pruning, stump and tree removal and garden care is trained and experienced in their area. Improper removal or pruning can lead to a host of problems, including new branches growing back weaker or opening up the risk of an infection or shock to the tree.

Tree lopper cutting tree branch with saw

What equipment is used for stump and tree removal?

Do your back a favour and take into consideration if you have the right tools to take on a stump and tree removal job yourself. It may seem like a job for the shovel and pickaxe, but you may need a stump grinder. And what will you do with all the lumber after?

A professional tree and stump remover will have chainsaws, woodchippers, climbing and safety equipment, stump grinders and a range of other equipment to get the job done. Not only will it be a lot faster, it’ll be safer too.

tree stump in grass

What are common stump and tree removal reasons?

1. The tree is dangerous.

Trees can pose major risks to properties, especially during storm season. Many Australians opt to remove trees with a high risk of falling.

2. The tree branches or roots are invasive or causing property damage.

Tree roots can damage pipes and cause structural damage to homes. If this is occurring, you want to remove the tree and roots as soon as possible.

3. Excessive leaf litter or fallen branches.

A common reason for tree removal requests is that it can become a tedious task to remove fallen leaves from the ground or pool. This can also lead to disputes between neighbours if the tree is close to the property line. While this is a common reason, it may often not be enough to receive approval to remove the tree.

4. The tree is sick or unsightly.

A large tree stump or sick or damaged tree can detract from the beauty and value of a property.

large tree with branches on field with swing

Do I need council approval to remove a tree or stump?

The short answer is yes. Even though the tree is on your property, in most cases the local council will need to approve the removal of the tree, and even pruning or general maintenance, depending on the species and age.

Trees are important part of the local ecosystem and can impact the value of the land they stand on, so the local council must make a decision on its removal. The council will consider a range of factors, including if the tree is causing damage to the property, if it’s protected or part of an original forest area.

Removing a tree without approval can land you in trouble, even resulting in fines. You may even be subject to costs associated with replanting the tree.

A qualified arborist will be able to make a tree risk assessment and offer advice for any tree problem you may have.

Each council will have a different approval process, so it is best to contact your local council via phone, email or by their website to find out exactly how to apply for a tree removal request.

blue house with large trees and telephone pole

How much does tree removal cost?

Costs associated with stump and tree removal on your property will depend on the species of tree and size of the job. Some businesses may include stump removal in the total cost as well as any council application fees.

Use Localsearch to find the best quote for the job from local businesses.

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