Show Appreciation for Teachers on International Education Day 2021

Saying thank you to a teacher in your life is easier than you may think. Take a look at our simple ideas for thanking your teacher on International Education Day.

Every year on the 24 January, the world recognises the importance of education as a human right across the globe — emphasising the importance of education in peace and development. 

This year’s theme for International Education Day is ‘Recover and Revitalise Education for the COVID-19 Generation.’ The United Nations has reported COVID-19 has affected the lives of over 1.6 billion students in over 190 across the world in 2020. Now, in 2021, the aim is to collaborate and place education of our children at the forefront of global recovery and move towards a safer, more sustainable and inclusive world.

This International Education Day shows appreciation for the teachers in your life. Take a look at our ideas, or head to your local gift shop for some inspiration. 

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9 Ways to Show Appreciation for Teachers

1.  Homemade treats.

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like a basket of homemade goodies. Bake something simple, like choc chip cookies or even a butter cake; we’re sure your child’s teacher will love it!  

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, head to your local bakery or cake store and request custom made teacher themed cupcakes. You’ll be amazed at the designs.

2. Gift your teacher an apple, or something apple themed.  

Give your teacher an apple, or an apple-themed gift, such as earrings or stationary. The exact history behind why apples signify teacher appreciation is somewhat blurred across cultures. The general consensus is baskets of apples were given to teachers as a form of repayment and appreciation by those families who were unable to afford anything else. 

But, the question remains — why apples? Apples were easy to grow and stayed fresh across even the harshest seasons. When the tradition began in the late 1800s across America and Scandinavia, apples weren’t loved for their taste, in fact, they were small, bitter and even a little sour. Instead they were valued for their cider-making properties. At the time, cider was often considered safer to drink that water and therefore quickly became a bargaining tool. 

Teaching was often a profession inhabited by unmarried women. They were low paid making it commonplace for the community to house and feed the women who educated their children. Baskets of apples were often given to substitute low wages.

3. School and classroom supplies.

School and classroom supplies are a great way to show your appreciation for your teacher. Unbeknownst to many, teachers often have to pay for their classroom supplies out of their own pay packet. Naturally, over time, the cost of supplying tools for 20+ students adds up. 

Next time you’re in the classroom, ask your teacher if there’s anything their classroom is running low on. It could be as simple as rulers, pens or even exercise books.

4. Flowers.

Nothing says ‘thank you’ better than a bunch of flowers. A bunch of flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, especially a hard working teacher. We’d recommend going for something bright, like sunflowers. Find your local florist on

5. A plant for their classroom. 

Nothing brightens a room up more than an indoor plant. Besides looking great, indoor plants have many health benefits for classrooms including, increased air quality, calming effects and more. Just be sure to check no-one in the room has allergies before purchasing any plant.  

Not sure what plant to get? Take a look at our recommended classroom plants list below.

5 Best Plants for Australian Classrooms: 

  1. Jade plant.
  2. Chinese Evergreen.  
  3. Fiddle leaf fig.
  4. Friendship or money plant.  
  5. Spider plant. 

6. Volunteer in your child’s classroom.

When you can safely do so again, volunteer to help in your child’s class. Whether it be reading groups, chaperoning class excursions or joining the P&C committee, there are plenty of options to suit your schedule. Speak to your child’s teacher, or school office staff about how you can get involved in your school community.

7. A coffee shop gift card.

If your child’s teacher drinks coffee, get them a coffee shop gift card to show your appreciation. Speak to cafés within a close proximity to the school and ask if they offer gift cards. The best part is, you’ll also be supporting local businesses. If your teacher doesn’t drink coffee, find a local juice bar, or place they can purchase lunch for themselves.

8. Give them something personalised for their classroom.

Etsy is a great place to shop for personalised gifts for your kids teachers. From stamps to stickers, there is an endless supply of personalised gifts you can get online for any budget. If you’re after something a little different from the standard sticker or stamp, look for a ‘Miss Smiths’ classroom doormat.

9. Simply say ‘thank you.’

The most genuine and heartfelt thank you any teacher can receive is a simple ‘thank you’ from their students. Teach your children to thank their teacher every afternoon before they leave for the day. This truly is the best form of appreciation a teacher can receive, recognition that their work is valued by those it’s impacting the most, their student.

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