Need to hire a local Handyman?

September 3, 2015 - 2 min read

Looking to do some work on the house? Here are some of the amazing things a local handyman can do to help cross of your to-do list.

Have your light bulbs given up the glow? We’ve searched high and low to bring you some of the best handyman services. Whether it’s painting, gardening, renovations or general home maintenance, you’ll be sure to find a local handyman service to suit your needs. Read on!

For the Garden

Landscaping – Most handyman services take care of garden maintenance​, and aldo lay down decking, patios and paving.

Rubbish Removal – As ‘odd-job’ experts, they can remove all that unwanted rubbish from your garden. These tasks can include anything from clearing out the gutters, to removing large amounts of green waste.

Concreting – Depending on their skill-set, Tweed Coast handyman services can help with a range of concreting jobs, such as laying new driveways and pathways.

General Garden Maintenance – These ‘Jacks-of-all-trades’ can help maintain your garden with a range of servicing including pruning, lawn mowing and tree lopping, as well as pressure cleaning​, and maintaining fences, decking and pergolas.

For the Home

Renovations – Tweed Coast handyman services can help with various aspects of renovating your home including painting, decorating and rip-out services, as well as carpentry work such as cornices and skirting board fittings.

Home Maintenance – This professional service can complete many maintenance jobs including small tasks such as fitting new light bulbs, to more advanced jobs like cabinetmaking and door repairs.

Walls & Flooring  From tiling bathrooms and kitchens, to plastering an entire property, a handyman can help with a range of wall and flooring jobs depending on your personal needs.

Electrical Work & Plumbing – Depending on their expertise, many professional handymen can see to basic electrical and plumbing jobs, including replacing frayed electrical cables and fixing leaking taps​.

If you’re looking at taking a DIY approach to home renovations, check out some of these tips:

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