DIY dos and don’ts

July 29, 2015 - 2 min read

Looking to make some changes to your home or renovate, but not sure where to start? Here is a simple guide to follow to know what to do, and what not to do, for any DIY project.

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home or are keen to do some work on your existing property, there are many things you can—and can’t—do by yourself. Thinking about knocking down a wall to let more light in? Perhaps you want to tackle that dreary garden? We’ve put together a DIY dos and don’ts guide, to let you know what is possible to accomplish on your own. Do you live in Mackay? We’ve also supplied a few local trades who can make those DIY don’ts, a done. For more information, read on!

DO paint

Painting is a relatively simple task to take on by yourself, despite being time consuming. To get the best results, you’ll first want to fill in any holes or cracks with drywall compound, before sanding down the patches and starting to paint!

DO up-cycle

Keen to give a new lease of life to your home with a bit of DIY? Then we suggest trying your hand at up-cycling! Whether you’ve got an old set of chairs you’d like to transform, or would rather pimp up your couch with some new cushions, there’s plenty of ways to make rags into riches when it comes to up-cycling.

DO landscape

Although this task may be challenging, simple DIY landscaping jobs are possible. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a thorough understanding of what garden design you’d like to achieve, as well as all the tools to make it possible before starting the job. Begin with simple tasks such as planting in pots and flower beds, before tackling the harder stuff!

Would rather leave it to the professionals? Find your nearest landscapers and designers here!

DON’T play with electrics

It’s simple; if you’re not a trained and qualified electrician, don’t play with wires. Although changing a lightbulb may be a relatively safe task, anything that includes the main power source is a big no-no, including tampering with your power points! If you think you may have an electrical problem at home, contact your nearest electrician.

DON’T touch the gas

Similar to electrics, gas should also be left to the professionals. Although it may seem like a simple job, there are so many components to consider when it comes to installing that new cooker. Don’t risk you and your family’s wellbeing, call in a professional today.

DON’T knock down walls

Keen to open up the space within your home? Knocking down a couple of walls may seem like a simple job, however it is no task for DIY. From permit requirements to understanding the structure of the build, there is so much to take on board before the wall finally falls—not to mention having to deal with possible nasty surprises, such as asbestos pipes or botched electrical work.