Money-saving kitchen renovation tips

August 20, 2015 - 2 min read

Create your dream kitchen without going over budget! Here are some fantastic ideas to try, and simple tips to redesign your kitchen for cheap!

Anyone who has renovated a kitchen before, would know just how quickly the costs can add up. Despite popular opinion, you don’t need a massive budget to make some much-needed changes. If you spend your money wisely and make a few stylistic compromises, you can give your kitchen a complete makeover for a fraction of the cost. Whether you need more storage space or just want to bring your outdated kitchen into the 21st century, we’ve got a few money-saving kitchen renovation tips that will keep your project under budget.

Less artificial light


Having more natural light in your kitchen will not only save money on energy bills, but will give your kitchen a more natural, happy feel. The money you save on light fixtures and installations can be splurged on windows and skylights. This will really open up your kitchen and make it a much more inviting space.

Save on custom cabinets


When it comes to kitchen renovations, new cabinets can take up a large portion of your budget—especially if you want them custom-designed to fit your kitchen. Try to resurface your current cabinets with a fresh lick of paint, giving them a new look without the added costs. Otherwise, if you really need new cabinets, opt for ready-to-assemble or off-the-shelf options which are much cheaper alternatives.



Just because you need more space, doesn’t mean you need to add another cabinet. Open shelves on your wall are a great way to make use of the otherwise empty space. For all you DIYers out there, just purchase a few planks of wood from your local hardware store, give them a coat of paint and then they’re ready to go.

Think long term savings


Whether it’s your fridge, dishwasher or microwave, it’s tempting to grab the cheapest kitchen appliance on the market, without giving much thought to energy consumption. Consider the long term costs of running these appliances and opt for something with a good energy star rating, which will save the environment and your energy bills at the same time.

Everything but the kitchen sink


Moving your kitchen sink can cost you a pretty penny, as relocating the pipes and fittings can be a tricky plumbing process. If you need to change the location of the sink to align with your designs, use this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and upgrade the pipes as well.

DIY when possible


Any work you do with your own hands will save you money. When it comes to kitchen renovations, jobs like painting can easily be done on your own. If you’re ever 50/50 about whether to go it alone, always err on the side of caution and seek advice from a professional.

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