How to Save Money on Your Xmas Shopping

September 1, 2015 - 3 min read

Christmas is coming up and this year is the year to be organised. We have some tips and tricks on how to save money, and to get on-top of your Christmas list this year.

Have a Plan & Stay Organised

  • Make a list
  • Set a budget
  • Stick to it

Before you think about gift hunting for your family and friends, make a list of everyone you need to buy for and prioritise a spending limit for each person.
Leave a space under each name for gift ideas or things they may have mentioned they want or need. Once you have purchased the gift, cross the name off your list so you don’t double-up.
Also, don’t forget about work Secret Santas!

Start Early

  • Put expensive gifts on lay-by earlier on in the year
  • Keep your eye out for sales (EOFY etc.)

Start shopping for presents as early as possible. If you begin the shopping process earlier in the year, you can put more expensive items on lay-by, so you can pay them off over time. Keep your eye out for sales and seasonal bargains!

Shop Around

  • Before purchasing a gift, make sure you do your research
  • Check social media for discount codes
  • Sign up for e-newsletters to be the first to know about sales

When you have a specific gift in mind, check out different shops and online stores to see what models they stock and who has the best price.
Browsing online stores is a great way to find the item cheaper. If you are buying overseas, make sure the website is set to $AUD, and the combined item price and shipping cost is under your budget.
Many stores will post exclusive social media sales on their Facebook or Instagram, so it is worth checking your favourite stores regularly to grab a bargain. If the store has a newsletter opt-in, signing up will mean sales come straight to your inbox.

Buy in Bulk

  • Stores often discount bulk purchases
  • Prepare hampers for adults
  • Create stuffed stockings for kids

If you have a lot of people to buy for, purchasing items in bulk may save you money. But you don’t need to give everyone the exact same thing!
Stock-up on wine and gourmet treats to create gift hampers for adults, and personalise them by including the person’s favourite nibbles. For kids, buy toys, books and lollies in bulk and stuff Christmas stockings with their names stitched on them.
Ask stores for a discount when you buy in bulk and look at pre-packaged items, like wine bottles in a case and single-serve lolly bags. eBay and Etsy are a great place to find wholesale bulk items for a bargain!

Get Crafty

  • For kids, handmade doll’s clothes, puppets or Christmas stockings
  • For adults, personalised toiletry cases or hand-embroidered towels make a great gift
  • Stock-up on supplies for gift wrapping

If you are crafty, making your own gifts will give you a chance to show off your talent and give the ones you love a personalised present.
Give a fashion-loving child a range of handmade dolls clothes and keep kids busy for hours with some colourful hand puppets. Your friends and family will also love personalised items like toiletry cases and embroidered towel sets.
While you’re at the craft store, pick up a variety of ribbons, fabrics and craft papers to create a unique twist with your gift wrapping.

Looking for some ideas on what to make? Check out these DIY options:

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