How to Remove SNS Nails if You’re in a Pickle

Need to find out how to remove SNS nails in a pinch? If you really can’t make it to a nail salon, this solution will help you remove your old manicure and get you on your way to repairing any damage done to your natural nails.

While many articles will have you believe SNS nails are the hot new thing in the beauty world, they actually date back to the 1990s. Also known as dip powder manicures, they’re said to last as long as gel (even up to a month) and don’t require placing your digits under UV light.

But we’re not here to know what they are or how they work, as you most likely have them right now. This is how to remove SNS nails.

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Before you consider a home-SNS manicure removal…

Firstly, we have to say you should not apply or remove your own SNS manicure or have someone do it for you who is not a trained professional. As with any nail treatment, there is always a risk of infection if the upmost care isn’t taken.

However, if for some reason you have to get them off stat and you can’t get to a nail salon near you, this is how you’d go about it.

Disclaimer: Localsearch (nor the author of this article) are responsible of anything that may go wrong if you attempt this process on your own. We recommend you seek professional assistance in removing SNS nails or any type of acrylic or gel nail manicure.

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How to Remove SNS Nails if You Can’t Make it to a Salon

What you’ll need:

  • A nail file/buffer.
  • Acetone (non-acetone products will not work).
  • Cotton pads.
  • Aluminium foil (cut into large enough squares to cover your nails).
  • Paper towel.
  • A cuticle treatment and nail strengthener.
  1. Before you begin, sanitise your work area, thoroughly wash your hands and use new and disinfected tools. You’ll also want to ensure the room has good ventilation.
  2. Taking a nail file/buffer, gently remove the top coat of your manicure until the shiny surface is matte. Do this for all ten nails.
  3. Soak one of the cotton pads in acetone and place it over the nail. Use a square of aluminium foil to secure it in place. Repeat for each nail.
  4. Around 15 to 20 minutes later, check one nail by gently rubbing the cotton pad over the polish. If it doesn’t easily wipe off, wait another 5 minutes and repeat the process, wiping the nails with paper towel when ready to remove the polish.

Note: If the polish is not easily removing from your nails, apply new acetone-soaked cotton pads with aluminium foil.

  1. Once your nails are completely free of polish and washed, you’ll need to work on repairing your nails. Apply a good-quality cuticle treatment and nail strengthening polish.
professional nail technician giving manicure

Again, you should only let a professional nail technician remove an SNS manicure.

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