Instagram-Worthy Laundry Ideas Your Local Carpenter Can Help With

Is it time your laundry got a makeover? These Instagram-worthy laundry ideas will suit every from the space-conscious to the budget-wary—even dog lovers! We have something for everyone. Remember, share this article if you loved these ideas.

Quick ideas for your laundry renovation:

  • Add clothing hooks or rails.
  • Convert an unused cupboard into a laundry.
  • Build a doggy bath.
  • Switch to shelves if your budget doesn’t allow for cupboards.
  • Use the space you have wisely.

Who else forgets about renovating their laundry until they’re squashed in there the next time? If you need some laundry ideas to make better use of the space you’ve got, we’re here to help!

Better still, all these laundry ideas can be created by your local carpenter. Of course, we can help you find one of those too at the end of this article. Simply pop in your location and we’ll show you who they are, what locals have to say about them and the business’s details to get in touch.

5 Laundry Ideas to Give to Your Carpenter

Add hooks or racks in your laundry to hang clothes.

You won’t believe how much time it saves you to take clothes straight out of the dryer and put them on a hanger or fold them. By having your carpenter add a hook or a rail to hang clothes, you’ll be able to do just this.

Don’t think you have room? Think about if you really use all the cupboards in your laundry and consider replacing those you don’t with a railing.

Convert unused space or cupboards into a dedicated laundry.

Not everyone has an actual laundry room in their home, especially if said home is a unit or apartment. This laundry idea is to take an unused hallway, bathroom or kitchen cupboard or space and turn it into a hideaway laundry.

With the right carpenter, these cosy laundries can hold shelves, cupboards, a washer and dryer. Just make sure the space is well ventilated for when the dryer is on.

Pet lovers, would you like a dog wash in your bathroom?

The king of all laundry ideas! If you’ve ever struggled to get a dog into a sink or bathtub, you’ll appreciate this.

We like the addition of the seat-height wall so you can save your back a little while giving the dog a scrub.

How about a budget-friendly laundry idea?

Renovating your laundry doesn’t mean having to spend the big bucks. Bring in a carpenter to place a bench and shelving around your washer and/or dryer and use basket and jars for a decorative, yet affordable, take on cupboards.

Make your laundry work for you.

The number one rule when renovating your laundry is to make it work for you and your home. Look at the beautiful light in this laundry by keeping access to the window by switching to shelves instead of cupboards. There is even a little space made perfectly for the gap next to the washing machine and dryer.

Okay, now to find you the perfect carpenter near you.

Turn these laundry ideas into a reality.

Feature image source: Nik Macmillan on Unsplash.

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