How To Look After Micro Bead Hair Extensions

October 21, 2015 - 4 min read

Discover how to look after micro bead hair extensions to get the most use out of the hair between maintenance visits. We talk brushing, washing, products and more.

Our tips will help you to:

  • Prolong the life of your hair extensions.
  • Need less frequent move-ups and replacement.
  • Keep your natural hair as natural as possible.
How to Take Care of Microbead Hair Extensions

How Microbead Hair Extensions are Applied

Microbead hair extension supplier Minique Hair says before your hair extensions are applied, you need to choose the thickness and style to create a natural look.

“The unique thing about micro beads is that a small amount of strands of hair are attached to a small section of your own hair, rather than 1-inch wefts of hair, which results in a much more natural, and integrated look with your own hair.

This technique is a lot more gentle on the hair then tape or braiding in wefts, but be warned you will be in your hairdresser’s chairs for upwards of 2 hours. This is a small price to pay for how natural this type of extensions look.”

Method of Applying Microbead Hair Extensions

  1. Your hair will be divided into sections so the extensions can be applied between the layers to hide the connections.
  2. A few strands of hair will be placed with the same amount of extension hair and loops into a bead.
  3. The hairdresser will then clamp the bead closest to the hair colour to secure it to the strands close to the scalp. 
  4. Every step above is repeated for small sections of hair in rows or sections to achieve your desired look, which can take several hours.

You’ll need to have your hair extensions ‘moved up’ every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

4 Easy Steps: How to Look After Microbead Hair Extensions

1. Brushing

To ensure you don’t pull on your micro bead extensions (which can cause premature dropping or fallout of your extensions), only use a loop brush, or nylon boar bristle brush.

When you’re brushing your hair, make sure to separate the strands of hair at the roots to ensure your hair does not tangle.

2. Washing

Before washing your hair, always thoroughly run a brush through the lengths, to help prevent any tangles.

The most important part of washing your hair is to avoid all hair care products containing heavy protein or silicone. These products will weaken the bonds of your hair extensions, causing them to fall out.

When you’re applying shampoo, never rub or massage the product into your hair or scalp. Gently stroke the shampoo through your hair from root to tip.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner to your hair, avoiding the roots and bonds of the beads. Every second wash, apply a deep conditioning treatment to help extend the life of your hair extensions.

Thoroughly wash all shampoo and conditioner out of your hair, as product residue can cause mould around the bonds.

Note: The less you wash your hair, the less often you’ll need to have your hair extensions moved up, or replaced.

3. Heat Tools & Styling

As with your natural hair, heat tools such as curling wands and hair straighteners will damage your hair extensions, so try to use these tools as little as possible. Every time you use any heat styling tools, thoroughly coat your hair with a heat protectant spray. Hot hair rollers use less heat to curl your hair, so opt for these when possible.

Some micro beads can melt when they come in contact with heat tools, so be sure to ask your stylish about this—nobody wants beads glued to their hair!

As you now have a lot more hair, you may notice normal hair ties snap when you try to put them in your hair. To avoid this, use an old school scrunchy to tie up your hair. Make sure the hair tie doesn’t have a metal band, as this may pull out and knot your hair.

4. Sleeping

When you first have your micro bead hair extensions applied, sleeping may feel a little uncomfortable. To help stop your hair extensions from tangling, put your hair in a loose braid and tie a silk bandana around the crown of your head.

Microbead Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

How long do microbead hair extensions last?

While microbead hair extensions will need moving up every 6 to 12 weeks as your hair grows, the hair itself will last around 12 months. How long your hair lasts will depend on the quality of the hair, and how well you maintain your microbead hair extensions.

What is the best way to sleep with microbead hair extensions?

Wearing your hair in a loose braid will help you sleep more comfortably with microbead hair extensions. While this method of hair extensions should not be painful, they can be uncomfortable, especially while getting used to them.

Why are my microbead hair extensions falling out?

There are many possible reasons microbead hair extensions may fall out prematurely, including improper application process, how you’re maintaining your extensions, having too little hair in the beads and more. Speak to your local hair extension specialist to find out for sure.

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