Round 1: Viruses & Security

Computer virus

Apple Mac OS: Pro

Generally speaking, if you only require a computer for basic needs, you can get by with little-to-no anti-virus software on a Mac operating system (OS). While they’re still susceptible to malware, Apple is very good at cleaning up security breaches.

Windows PC: Con

No matter what you’re doing on a PC computer, you’ll need strong anti-virus software, including a firewall. This can make it difficult when browsing some websites, as you may need to disable your firewall from time to time.
Plus anti-virus software can set you back quite a bit, depending on the level of protection you need.

Round 2: Cost


Apple Mac OS: Con

Most Apple devices are quite expensive. Some Apple users will say you get what you pay for, including movie and photo editing software, plus a range of documentation programs and better graphics, with each computer.
However, if you’re after a basic computer for homework, gaming or to run a small business, splashing on an Apple Mac might not be worth it.

Windows PC: Pro

These days you can buy a PC computer for a couple of hundred dollars. Whether you need a basic set-up for your home office, or you’re an avid gamer, there is a PC option for most budgets.
The only downside is, you may need to purchase added basic software for your needs.

Round 3: Design

Home Office

Apple Mac OS: Pro

Apple has definitely mastered a sleek, modern design for their devices. As most Apple computers come in one simple form, such as a Macbook or desktop monitor computer, they’re easily transported. 

Windows PC: Con

Although design really is a matter of preference, PC’s can be quite chunky, and sometimes unattractive. If you have a monitor and a hard-drive computer, this does take up more space, and they are not very stylish.

Round 4: Gaming


Apple Mac OS: Con

If you’re a gamer, you want your games the second they are released. When you own an Apple OS, this is not always possible. Many game software companies only release PC-compatible games, and if they do release a version for Apple, it tends to take longer to hit the shelves.
However, there is a solution for this! While you have an Apple computer, it is possible to install a Windows operating system onto it — you’ll be set to go!

Windows PC: Pro

When you regularly play computer games, a large hard drive with a high-quality graphics card is a must. This is why PC’s are the go-to computers for gaming, as a PC is easily upgradeable (to keep up with software demands) and many are designed with the avid gamer in mind — right down to the shape of the keyboard and extra buttons on the mouse.

Round 5: Usability

Round 5 victory goes to both Apple and Windows operating systems, as this is down to the individual user. 

Apple Mac OS: Tie

The sleek outer design of an Apple computer carries onto the desktop. A little shelf called ‘the dock’ holds all your important and most-used programs. This makes it easy to locate what you’re looking for at the drop of a hat.
On the other hand, programs do take slightly more work to close down. Along with clicking the little red dot in the corner of the program, the user needs to right click the icon in the dock and quit out of it completely. This can make using a Mac a little more difficult for beginners.

Windows PC: Tie 

Again, Microsoft desktops are not as flash as a Mac desktop, however with each new version release, they’re improving in design and usability.
If you’re a complete beginner with technology, sticking with a Windows PC is probably the easier option for you. The simple technology with basic programming will help you learn how to use a computer quicker, as PC’s tend to have more logical functionality.

Whichever operating system you use, you will need an IT professional you can trust. Check out these Maitland computer repairs and installations services for all your Apple Mac and Windows PC needs.

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