Easy Halloween Hair for this October

There’s extreme excitement for Halloween this year with many of us patiently waiting to dress up. For those less patient, here are our top 9 Halloween hairstyles you can do this October…

With Halloween just weeks away, why not start planning your Halloween hair for this October? For those needing inspiration, or an easy alternative, this blog’s for you!

We’ve researched and found 9 easy Halloween hairstyles for October 2020. From classics like Cruella de Vil to Billie Eilish, there are options for everyone. These 9 looks are easy to do, but you can spend however much time on each and you can add your own personal touch to them. 

Without festivals to dress up for, there’s extra excitement to dress up for Halloween this year. Make sure your hair stands out this year with one of these options and leave everyone else breathless.

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9 Easy Halloween Hairstyles

1. Billie Eilish.

As a 5-time Grammy Award Winner, Billie Eilish is iconic for not only her musical talents, but also her sleek and edgy look. More recently, she has been making statements with more than just her outfits. With dark hair and bright green roots, she’s been taking risks with her hairstyle too! 

For an easy Halloween hairstyle, nail this Billie Eilish hairstyle by using a bright green hairspray on your dark roots for that iconic Billie look.


2. Cruella de Vil.

Although 101 Dalmations is an old movie, this character will always be iconic. There are a few options for how to style your hair to resemble Cruella’s. 

Start by parting your hair down the middle, giving you two even halves. If you have dark hair, then you can use a white hairspray to dye half of your head white. On the other hand, if your hair is blonde, then you can dye the other half black (make sure it’s a dye that comes out easy). If your hair is neither black or white, or you don’t want to dye it, then you can opt for a wig!


3. Princess Leia.

Another iconic look is Princess Leia’s hair buns. Recreating her world-famous hair buns are easiest with long hair, but still achievable with shorter hair.

Start by parting your hair evenly down the middle. Next, slick the hair into two pigtails (one on each side), close to your ears. Then, wrap it around the centre of the pigtail multiple times and secure it with bobby pins and hairspray. 

If you have shorter hair, follow these steps but use hair donuts after tying your hair into pigtails and wrap your hair around the bun. And ta-da! Your Princess Leia hairstyle is finished.


4. Wednesday Adams.

Wednesday Adams is a great costume for those looking for something easy and comfortable. Her long black hair is divided with a middle part and flows into two low braids. Use hairspray to get any flyaways and ensure your hair is flat and sleek. This is a low maintenance and easy Halloween hairstyle that you can wear this October!


5. Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell is my favorite character, considering I went as her for 5 consecutive years when I was younger. As someone with a lot of expertise, I can give you some top tips on how to nail this hairstyle. 

Firstly, separate some hair at the front to hair some side bangs. Tie the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. You can put this straight into a neat bun, or use a donut bun for more volume. Use bobby pins to secure the bun in addition to hairspray. 

Back to the front section of hair, if you already have a side fringe, then you won’t need much styling. However, if this section of hair is longer, then you can do a side part and slick the hair across your forehead and behind your ear, using hairspray and pinning in behind your ear. 

You can finish the look off here, or add a light green ribbon for extra pizazz!


6. Medusa.

Medusa has, in my personal opinion, the coolest hair there is. This is a look that can be tailored to any hair type and you can make it more unique to your style. 

Essentially, your hair will need to have lots of curls, waves and braids. Neatness is not needed for this look! Once you have your hair in a beautiful, messy look, it’s time to add the snakes! You can buy any colour and style snakes and place them throughout your hair, securing them with bobby pins and the hair itself.


7. Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn has been an iconic Halloween costume since the 90’s, and has been extremely popular recently since Margot Robbie graced the character in the Suicide Squad movie in 2016. 

This easy Halloween hairstyle features bleach blonde hair in two high ponytails, with one fading into light blue and one pink. Make sure to pull out strands of hair at the front to frame your face and leave these dye-free!


8. Ariana Grande.

Known well for her high ponytail, Ariana has an iconic hairstyle you can wear this Halloween. 

Start by slicking your hair back into a tight and high ponytail. Next, grab a small section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Tuck the rest of this hair into the middle of your ponytail at the back and use hairspray and bobby pins to secure it.

Optional: If you want some pieces of hair to frame your face, you can pull some long strands out to do so.


9. The Powerpuff Girls.

If you’re looking for a group costume, or want to go as one solo, this one’s for you! With three characters with different hair colours, there’s plenty of options.


Buttercup has dark, short hair worn down. If you have long hair you can pin it up under your head to give it a shorter look, or just wear it down as is! Buttercup’s colour is green, so feel free to add green accessories to your hair to give it some more pizzazz and your Halloween hair is all done!


Blossom has red hair with bangs and a red ribbon. Wear your hair down and add a big red bow to your hair to nail this look.


Bubbles has blonde hair which she wears in two high ponytails. To do your hair like bubbles, part it in the middle and put each side into a high ponytail. Bubbles has blue eyes and wears blue, so add blue ribbons or hair ties to your hair to finish off the look.


Hairdressers love getting creative at Halloween. If you’re going all out this year, ensure you book in early! Find your local hairdresser on localsearch.com.au.

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