How to ease the pain of high heels

August 15, 2015 - 2 min read

Take the pain out of wearing heels! These simple tricks and handy tips will have you walking effortlessly in your new heels in no time, and with no pain the next day!


You may love sky-high shoes with pencil thin heels, however you are almost guaranteed to have aching arches and blisters in no time. Take a look at current fashion and assess which current high heel trends may be less painful. Whether it is a block heel, wedge or a shorter heel, these styles will help you achieve a pain free strut.

Say good-bye to blisters

Whether it is a new pair of shoes or a beloved pair that tend to pinch, blisters can leave your feet in stinging pain for weeks. You can use sticky gel pieces to prevent your skin touching the shoe or simply swipe aloe vera, Vaseline or paw-paw cream onto the inner backing of the shoe or any area your shoes rub. Misting your feet with a little antiperspirant aerosol will prevent blisters created by sweating feet.

Shoe inserts

There are a wide variety of shoe inserts available these days, including inflated, scented, gel and fur-lined. The gel inserts are great for delaying or even preventing aching arches and the throbbing pain in the balls of your feet. Plus they tend to keep your feet cool.

Cinderella procedures

If you are extremely serious about your high heel wearing, surgeries such as aesthetic toe-shortening, bunionplasty (foot reshaping) and plumping injections may be an option for you. It cannot be guaranteed you will get the results you are looking for from any of the treatments and can cause scarring, foot instability or even constant foot pain. So think carefully if you really want to walk down this road.

Switching to flat shoes

Alternatively, keeping a collapsible pair of ballet flats in your bag can be a lifesaver for aching feet. Pop them on for long walks or the time you spend at your desk to reduce the aches and pains of high heels.

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