Tips to improve your home workshop

August 15, 2015 - 2 min read

Do you have your own workshop at home? Whether it’s in your garage, shed or man cave, if you’re a handyman, then you’ll want to create a safer more pleasant workspace for your upcoming projects.

There’s nothing worse than spending an hour searching through a pile of tools, just to find a hammer or screwdriver. If you’re sick of working in an unorganised, cluttered space every time you want fix something, we’ve got a few organisational tips to help make your workshop more efficient.

Plan, plan, plan

Whether you’re starting a new workshop from scratch or looking to better organise your current space, you’ll want to properly plan out your design. While each workshop space will be different depending on what projects you’ll be working on, be sure to tailor your plan to suit your individual needs. Draw a visual layout on paper and start from there.

Easy-to-reach tools

It may sound obvious, but you want the tools you use more regularly to be within arm’s reach. Organise your workspace so you move around as little as possible. This will allow you to better concentrate on the task at hand.

Use wheels

From putting wheels on your larger tools right through to installing them on your shelving, wheels are a great asset to make your tools more accessible and easier to transport. Just be sure to have the appropriate wheel locks so you don’t have any runaway tools!

Open up the space with storage

The key to keeping your space less cluttered is storage. When comes to working areas, you can never have too much storage space. Whether you want to take a DIY approach or call in your local carpenter, make sure you install plenty of shelving, cabinets and drawers so each and every tool has a place to call home.

Keep your storage organised

The only thing worse than rummaging through a cluttered workshop for tools, is having a clean workshop and not knowing what drawer stores what. Try to label all your storage with appropriate names and use as much open wall shelving as possible.

Have light and colour

With so many things to organise, you can often forget about making the space more pleasant. Adding windows, colour to the walls and pot plants, can liven up the space and make it a more enjoyable working environment.