DIY dog toys

August 23, 2015 - 2 min read

Do you find yourself having to buy new dog toys often once they’ve been chewed apart? Here are some easy DIY dog toys you can make at home to keep your dog happy and entertained, without spending a fortune!

Transform your old clothing

Do you have any old shirts or jeans that you haven’t worn in ages? Recycle your old garments into chew toys for your dogs! Simply tear up your old clothes and tie as many knots as you please throughout the material. Great as a chew toy or for a game of tug-of-war, this simple toy is a winner with any playful pup, big or small.

Frozen treats for the summer

When the temperature starts rising again, it’s time to get your dogs outside for some cooling off time. Whether you choose to freeze some of their favourite treats into ice blocks, or even freeze some of their toys, letting them lick their way to the prize will keep them distracted (and hydrated!) through the warmer months.

Try this treat puzzle

Your pup will love a little brain-training puzzle as much as you do! If you have a couple of tennis balls and a muffin tin, you can treat your dog to a fun puzzle. Place a treat in one of the muffin holes and cover with a tennis ball. Place a few other balls in the other holes, and let your dog sniff out the prize!

A bottle in a sock

It seems like the silliest thing, but for dogs that like to chew and enjoy the crinkly noises of plastic, this is just the toy for them! Simply wrap a clean plastic bottle in a sock or t-shirt material, and throw to your pup. It’ll give them a noisy, crinkly chew toy for ages!

Rope toys

There are many types of toys that you can fashion out of some old bits of rope. Whether you braid them into a thick tug-of-war toy, or make them into a rope ring, the possibilities are endless. Not only will they keep your pup happy, you may just find yourself getting into a new craft!

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