Before Dying

If you are going to dye your own hair, speaking to a colour professional is highly recommended. Extremely dry or pre-coloured hair may change how dye molecules react, so ensure you know what you are doing before applying colour to your locks. Here is how to select the right dye for your hair type:

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

How it works: Lasting between 6 to 8 washes, semi-permanent hair colour works by adding colour molecules to the cuticle layer of the hair.
Features: As this dye does not contain any ammonia or peroxide, you will not be able to lighten your hair. However semi-permanent hair colour will cover up to 50% of grey hairs and will not leave unsightly regrowth.
Best for: If you are looking to add a subtle depth or tone to your hair, you can do so with minimal damage. Keep in mind this dye will darken your hair.

Demi-Permanent Hair Colour

How it works: Penetrating only the outer band of the hair shaft, demi-permanent hair colour lasts between 24 to 26 washes.
Features: Similar to a semi-permanent hair colour, a demi-permanent dye cannot lighten your hair and also does not leave a line around your roots. Containing a small amount of peroxide, you will notice a subtle enhancement to your colour.
Best for: A demi-permanent dye is a great way to try a darker shade without the commitment. This option is a great way to refresh your colour (again, it will not lighten hair) and leave a silky finish.

Henna Hair Colour

How it works: A natural alternative for chemical-laden hair dyes, henna hair colouring tints the hair shaft with a translucent red colouring.
Features: Using a henna hair dye can be messy and takes some time to work. For a well-developed colour, it is recommended to leave on your hair for up to 12 hours.
Best for: If you are looking to boost your hairs shine and add a red, brown or black tone, try henna hair dye.

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