Australia’s Top 5 Trending Home Renovations

October 12, 2015 - 2 min read

Australia loves renovation shows, so why not take some inspiration from them during your next home renovation or redesign? here are 5 of the biggest trends in renovation.

When you want to stay up to date on fashion, why stop at your clothes? This year, certain home renovations have skyrocketed into the ultra-chic, super popular end of the revamping scale. Stay in the loop and check out the 5 top renovation trends right now.

The Hampton Style Bathroom

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Breathing elegance, class and a whole load of white, the Hampton Style Bathroom has made its way from Long Island to our neck of the woods. These bathrooms are an ode to classic design taken from the 1920s Art Nouveau period.

The Moroccan Tile Trend

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Adding a touch of Morocco to our Aussie homes has fast become a hot choice for kitchen renovators across the country. Whether it’s the pop of pattern and colour, or echoes of a Mediterranean holiday, Moroccan tiles definitely get the neighbours talking.

The Marriage of Cooking and Entertaining

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Thanks to home-grown cooking shows such as My Kitchen Rules (Channel 7), The Hot Plate (9 Network) and Masterchef (Network 10), Aussies have become more inclined to host dinner parties for family and friends. Of course, how can you be a great host when you’re stuck in the kitchen? Thus, merging the kitchen with the entertaining or dining space has become a huge trend in renovating this year. And with such a booming cooking culture in Australia, it’ll probably be in vogue for a while!

The Marriage of Indoor and Outdoor

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Entertaining is not restricted to the kitchen area, either. More and more people are merging their indoor and outdoor spaces to include elements from both sides of the door. This could include luscious lounge sets on your patio area, or a barbecue and bar space fitted perfectly in between the two.

The Walk-in Wardrobe

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Ahh, the luxury of having a walk-in wardrobe. No matter how the space is designed, these additions can add value to your home and efficiency to your morning routine! You can get inspiration from the various creations seen on the recent seasons of House Rules (Channel 7) and The Block (9 Network).

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