Top Tips for Going Off Road

October 9, 2015 - 3 min read

Do you love jumping behind the wheel? here are some tips to go off road and enjoy 4×4 driving. Read on to find out how!

If you have the need for speed, drive for power or simply like a bumpy ride, then going off road is an adventure you must try! Whether you choose a 4×4, dirt bike or quad bike, we have researched some basic tips you will need to know before leaving the city streets.

Tips For Going Off Road In A 4×4


Off road driving in a 4×4 is fun you can have with the whole family! Ensuring you know the basics and some general safety tips will help you have a ball, while minimising the risk of getting stuck. Here are our top tips for going off road in a 4×4:

Be Prepared: Before you leave, check the weather in the location you’re going. Recent rainfall can lead to your 4×4 getting bogged. In the event you get stuck, ensure you have packed some picnic food and water while you wait for help.

Equip Your 4×4: In the event something does go wrong, or you need a little help, equipping your 4×4 with the right tools will help keep you out of any sticky situations.

Top things to ensure you have is a winch, tool kit, water (for your engine and yourself), spare car battery, hand-held radio (to call for help if needed) and the right tyres to help you navigate rough terrain.

Your mechanic or local 4×4 specialist will be able to help you get the right gear.

Tips For Going Off Road On A Quad Bike

Quad Bike

Quad bikes are legal to be used on private land and registered tracks—they’re fun to work up some speed in the dirt. Read on for our top tips for going off road on a quad bike:

Safety First: Before hopping on a quad bike, equip yourself with high-quality safety gear. This includes a helmet, riding boots and gloves, knee guards and heavy-duty clothing. Nothing ruins fun faster than skinned knees or an injury. 

Stay In Control: There is always a chance you may lose control of the quad bike. Keeping a smooth throttle will reduce the chance of wheel spin and loss of traction. While maintaining a forward seated position while going up hill, and a back-seated position going down hill, will help reduce your risk of toppling.

For more advice on how to stay safe while going off road on a quad bike, visit your local 4×4 drive and off road specialist.

Tips For Going Off Road On A Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike

If you’re an adrenalin junkie who loves to catch some air, a dirt bike may be the perfect off road adventure for you! Read over our basic tips for a smooth ride:

Speed For Rough Terrain: It may be natural to want to slow down as you would on a road, but speeding up may help you on rough terrain. By speeding up over rough ground like sand, or deep dirt, while shifting your weight backwards, you’ll easily be able to ride over the surface.

Angle Your Body: When going off road you are sure to encounter objects you don’t want to hit. Turn your head where you want to bike to go, away from the object, and your body and the bike will react in the same direction.

To learn how to go off road on a dirt bike, visit your local off road bike specialist.

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