9 Essentials to Keep in Your Gym Bag

Ready to hit the gym and break a sweat? Read our ultimate guide to getting ready for any workout session with these essentials to keep in your gym bag.

Being prepared is the easiest way to stay motivated for the gym. The day before you’re planning on heading in for a workout, pack your gym back with the below 9 essentials. When you get home, pack it again for the next time. Simple!

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What should I keep in my gym bag?

1. A towel.

Wick away sweat and practice good gym etiquette by keeping a gym towel in your bag at all times. It’s also compulsory at most gyms to use a towel on any equipment used.

We suggest a microfiber towel that’s quick to dry and easy to roll up and take with you! Just remember to pop it in the wash and put it back in your bag.

gym towel, water bottle and weights on floor

2. A spare water bottle.

There is nothing worse than sweating your behind off during a workout to find you’ve left your water bottle at home or on your work desk. All gyms will have a water bubbler somewhere inside, so simply pull out your bottle and fill it up! Plus, you’ll avoid having to buy a plastic bottle.

Bonus tip: Add a few slices of cucumber or lemon to your water for a bit of flavour. Even water-haters will guzzle it down!

3. Headphones.

There are three main reasons we recommend always having headphones at the gym:

  • It’s the international symbol of ‘please leave me alone’.
  • Music is a great motivator to help you get in the zone.
  • If the beats per minute (BPM) match your heart rate, it can help with performance.

We’ve even created out own Localsearch Ultimate Gym Playlist on Spotify with varying BPM for you to try it out.

Girl listening to the localsearch ultimate gym playlist

4. Refreshing face mist

A red, hot face is just one of the many (worthwhile) side effects of going to the gym. Keeping a refreshing facial mist in your gym bag to spritz on your face will help cool you down and possible reduce redness.

 Bonus tip: Aloe vera spray is known for hydrating, cooling and de-reddening the face.

5. Hair ties and bobby pins.

Hair ties and bobby pins are an absolute must if you have long hair or a fringe. Even if you have them in your hair, bring spares!  At the rate they mysteriously go missing—who hasn’t experienced this—you’ll be thankful you have a stash in your bag.

6. Skincare and make-up minis.

Post-gym skincare is crucial! The moment you finish your workout, head to the bathroom and rinse off your face with cool water. Use a gentle cleanser, followed by a moisturiser and lip balm.

If you’re one to wear make-up, lugging around a full-sized make-up bag isn’t necessary. The little sample pots you get at make-up stores are ideal for a couple of days of foundation and primer, while some popular concealers and lip glosses can be found in mini versions. You can even find travel-sized make-up brush kits these days too.

makeup bag with phone and makeup

7. Dry shampoo and deodorant.

Sweaty hair can lead to greasy locks if not treated ASAP after a workout. The trick is to apply a little dry shampoo (mini bottles are available at most chemists or beauty stores) to your part and hairline and then blow dry your hair until dry.

Using deodorant post-workout is pretty self-explanatory.

8. Don’t forget the gym snacks.

Every gym bag should include post-workout snacks. Protein shakes are a good, quick and easy to throw back after a session, although ensure you wash your shaker bottle out after. Day-old protein smell is not something you want to experience. Protein bars are also a good on-the-go option.

person holding smoothie with gym weights

9. A fresh change of clothes

Staying in wet clothes or swimwear isn’t great for your skin and it doesn’t feel good either. Keep a clean pair of clothes in your gym bag to change into once you’ve finished your workout.

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