Gym Etiquette 101

August 6, 2015 - 1 min read

When it comes to the gym, we can become too focused on our own work out routine and forget about other gym members. Here are some things to remember at your next gym session.

Re-rack your weights

When you finish with a machine or piece of equipment, return it to it’s original position or state. This includes removing plates from bars and machines, placing dumbbells and weights in the correct racks and ensuring you remove any attachments on machines.

Bring a towel and wipe down

Place a towel on all equipment that you sit or lay on to prevent leaving sweat marks. Gyms are a breeding ground for germs, so ensure you wipe down all equipment with the hygienic wipes or spray provided before and after each use.

Be considerate

It’s important to be considerate to those around you. This includes stepping outside to take a phone call, using headphones to listen to your own music, talking quietly and being aware of those around you. Be cautious of your safety and those around you. Bumping into someone when they are squatting over their own body weight (even without weight) is not okay and potentially dangerous.

No hogging

Every gym has a peak hour. If you intend to perform supersets (a combination of exercised performed one after the other), perform them outside of peak hours to ensure you don’t hog any equipment. If someone is using a piece of equipment you require, ask if you may work in.

Keep it down

Unless you are powerlifting or performing something particularly difficult, try not to grunt or create loud noises. This includes throwing down your weights. If you are dropping weights, you are most likely cheating yourself anyway.

Keep your eyes and comments to yourself

The gym is daunting enough without people staring or making comments about you. Keep your attention on your own workout and only become involved if someone is hurt or about to hurt themselves.