If you are a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, you will know good coffee from bad. There’s also a good chance you have already found the perfect coffee beans—simply by trying them all! If you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry—we’ve come up with a few easy tips to finding the right blend for you.

The first step to great coffee: Learn what you like.

Do you prefer a bitter blend, or something that goes down a little more smoothly? Whatever you’re preference, there’s a commercial bean available that caters to you. If you love your coffee bitter, turn your attention to Robusta beans—which are known for their stronger and more bitter taste. For a smoother coffee experience, you will want Arabica beans. There are hundreds of sub-blends for these beans, so you’ll want to know what you like before committing to a full bag.

The colour of the bean determines how long it’s been roasted.

Beans that are darker have been roasted for longer, which gives them a sharp, more bitter taste. However, darker roasts actually have less caffeine in them than medium to lighter roasts, with light roasts having the biggest hit. If you’re looking for an espresso bean, you’ll want to stick to a medium-light roast for that caffeine kick.

Ground or whole bean?

That depends on your time and whether you want to start your coffee from scratch every time you want a cuppa. Of course, grinding whole beans just moments before being used will result in the best taste, so if you have the time definitely go for whole beans. If not, pre-ground beans will still taste good, just make sure either way that your bag is fresh (hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for more than a week) and it’s stored correctly!

Want a quick, delicious coffee to go? Call into one of these Newcastle Cafés.

Sned’s Lakeview Café
Mouthwatering breakfasts to die for, Sned's Lakeview Cafe - Toronto
Mouthwatering breakfasts to die for, Sned’s Lakeview Cafe – Toronto

For an amazing coffee, all-day breakfast and lunch specials, visit Sned’s Lakeside Café in Toronto Boulevard. Offering coffee brewed fresh daily, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better blend across Newcastle! With a range of cakes and other delicious delicacies that will pair perfectly with your cuppa, you simply cannot go wrong at this amazing café. Tranquil and quiet, Sned’s Lakeview Café is the perfect place to get some work done, or pick up your coffee hit on your way to work.
Where: 12 The Boulevarde Toronto, NSW 2283

Poppy’s Home & Garden Centre
Perfectly poured coffee, Poppy’s Home & Garden Centre – Gateshead

Do you love being surrounded by beautiful, lush gardenscapes? You will love Poppy’s Home and Garden Centre. With a range of gorgeous plants, flowers and homewares, you’ll be sipping on your coffee at their café while dreaming of your next garden project. Their café is open for breakfast and lunch, making Poppy’s Home and Garden Centre the perfect place to start the day. Pop in or give them a call today!
Where: 83 Oakdale Rd, Gateshead, NSW 2290

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