13 BEST Bathroom Storage Solutions to Save Space on a Budget

Organise your tiny bathroom without spending money on renovations. We’ve found the 13 best hacks that are simple to achieve and won’t break the bank. Your small bathroom will feel bigger!

While many of us would love to renovate our bathroom, sometimes our budget simply doesn’t allow for it. But limited funds doesn’t have to mean battling for space in your bathroom.

Our tips for bathroom storage solutions to save space on a budget will help you get the best of both worlds. We have a solution for:

  • Limited counter space.
  • Limited floor space.
  • Organisation for excess products.

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13 Bathroom Storage Solutions You Can Do on a Tight Budget

1. Install a shelf above the toilet.

A simple way to keep everything you need organised and close by is to install a shelving unit above the toilet. If you are renting and cannot add a shelf, don’t fret! There are many tiered shelf units with this purpose in mind, or you can simply remove some of the bottom shelves.


2. Install a shelf under the bathroom mirror.

If you are short on counter space, why not keep everything you need on a shelf right under the mirror? 

Pro tip: You can also add a strip of LED lights on the side or bottom of the shelf for a budget friendly bathroom lighting hack.


3. Use adhesive hooks for hanging towels.

Adhesive hooks are ideal for renters as they won’t damage paint AND will keep your towels off the floor while they dry. Even better, you can install them on any wall, behind the door or any other surface you want.


4. Build a wall niche.

Now this solution may require a bit more time and expertise, but this this a great and inexpensive way to add more space and storage options to your bathroom. A wall niche is cavity in the wall added for storage—think of it as an inverted or recessed shelf. Now you have new space to store all your bathroom supplies or decor.


5. Hanging baskets from hooks on walls.

Another great vertical storage solution is to swap shelves for baskets hanging from hooks on the wall. This makes the perfect place to store clean towels or even store and sort your laundry. Going vertical is the simplest way to maximise storage space in a tiny bathroom.

Even if you’re a renter, you can use adhesive hooks so you don’t leave any holes in the walls or ceiling.


6. Use command strips or hooks to hang hair styling tools

If you find yourself with a drawer full of hair styling equipment, adding adhesive hooks to the back of a cupboard door or onto a wall is a great way to store them and stop the cords from getting tangled.


7. Use the bathroom door for storage.

Keep your clutter off the bench by installing a hanging rack or caddy over the back of the bathroom door. Some caddy’s even come with levels or different cubbies so each family member can have their own tidy hole for their products.


8. Install caddies to the shower wall.

Organise your shampoo, conditioners, body washes and other shower necessities in handy caddies on the shower wall. The best part is, shower caddies are super inexpensive so if you want to switch up the look every now and then, you can! 


9. Add a ladder style towel rack.

Not only are ladder towel racks functional, but they also make gorgeous bathroom decoration. Hang your towels over to dry and for storage without taking up much floor space at all.


10. Use adhesive hooks or rod to hang cleaning supplies.

Installing a rod or adhesive hangers on your wall or back of your cupboard door is a great way to hang and store cleaning supplies. Again, they’re a renter friendly storage solution your property manager won’t cringe at.


11. Add a basket on top of your toilet for storing essentials.

Adding a decorative basket on top of your toilet is an easy and inexpensive way to store toilet paper and other essentials.


12. Install magnetic or adhesive toothbrush and makeup holders on your wall.

If you don’t have the counter space or hate rummaging through drawers for your make-up, why not install magnetic or adhesive acrylic containers on your wall? This is perfect for holding your essential makeup items or even just your toothbrush.


13. Organise your drawers and countertop clutter in decorative jars.

Keep your make-up, toiletries and other bathroom essentials neatly organised in decorative jars or containers. You can even repurpose old used-up candle jars if you’re a scent-fiend like us.


Feature photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

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