Landscaping tips for a small backyard

August 18, 2015 - 2 min read

Need some landscaping inspiration for your small outdoor space? When you have a small backyard space comes at a premium, so it’s important you make smart design choices and maximise its overall impact.

While most people look at a small backyard as a negative thing, with the right design and a can-do attitude, you can turn it into the perfect cosy oasis for all occasions. From using tricks to make your space look larger to emphasising your patio area, there are a range of ways to make use of a small backyard, so read on for more useful tips!

Not a single space wasted

The key to landscaping in small backyards is to measure in inches, not feet. If you’re planning to put a garden bed or chair in a certain spot, ask yourself: is there another place I can put this to better make use of the space, or does this contribute to the overall look I’m going for? Make sure every inch of the backyard is properly planned to best make use of the space.

Blur the boundaries

If you don’t want your small backyard to feel closed off, it’s important to fill its perimeter with plants and trees. Not only will this make the space look a lot bigger, but staring at your beautiful blossoming greenery is much nicer thank a blank wall or fence. As an added bonus, it can also give your small backyard more privacy and help reduce any neighbouring noise pollution.

Break it up

In a small backyard, you should try and break the space up into little sections. Creating backyard zones will make the area more versatile and give you more reason to spend time out there. Have a patio area for entertaining guests, a few comfy chairs in another area for a spot of reading and a hammock for those lazy afternoons.

You don’t need lawn

Just because it’s a backyard, doesn’t mean you need to include turfed areas. Skipping a lawn altogether will give you more room to fill your backyard with the plants you love! Be sure to stagger these plants in height and add a water feature for added texture and a better overall finish.