Your guide to finding the best concealer

August 20, 2015 - 2 min read

Finding the best concealer for your skin can be a bit of a struggle with so many brands and types out there. Take a read of our blog to help you narrow down the best concealer for you.

Liquid Concealer

Suitable skin types: normal, combination, oily, sensitive, and blemish-prone
A liquid concealer is extremely versatile, perfect for covering blemishes and using on wrinkled areas, as it won’t cake up and is unlikely to cause breakouts.
The coverage is buildable and you can find a liquid concealer in any finish to suit your skin type.

Stick Concealer

Suitable skin types: Normal, dry and sensitive skin
The thick consistency of a stick concealer works well on dark under-eye circles, and redness around the nose and mouth.
If you are prone to breakouts, avoid stick concealers as they often contain waxes and oils.

Cream Concealer

Suitable skin types: Normal, dry, combination, and sensitive skin
Providing a medium to full coverage, a cream concealer hides severe discolourations extremely well.
Blending the product is extremely important to minimise the chances of creasing.

Once you have found the correct concealer, having an arsenal of different colours will make sure every dark circle, blemish and any discolouration is hidden. When using a coloured concealer, apply under your foundation on top of your normal primer, unless using a skin coloured shade.

Colour Correcting Concealer

Green: a green spot concealer will hide any redness such as a pimple, an acne scar or small patches of red discolouration
Purple: add a healthy glow to your yellow toned skin with a purple concealer
Pink: perfect for masking tired, puffy and dark under eye circles
Yellow: mask veins, under eye circles or bruises with a yellow-based concealer
Orange: create flattering angles on your face by contouring with an orange concealer
White: used in the inner and outer corners of your eyes and a dab down the centre of your nose, a white concealer can subtly make you look more awake
Neutral: if you do not have many skin problems but wish to hide a small imperfection, a neutral concealer will do the job effectively.

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