What to plant in spring in your area

August 24, 2015 - 3 min read

Not sure what plants, herbs and vegetables thrive in spring? Here is the ultimate guide to find out what to plant and when. Perfect for any kind of Australian garden!

A beautiful, well cared for garden may add value to your home, plus provide a serene place for you to relax. Knowing what plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers thrive in your climate seasonally will help your garden to stay lush and vibrant all year round. Our regional spring plant guide will show you what greenery is best planted in the spring for your area. Whether you are looking to grow your own produce, create a fragrant flowerbed or update a tired-looking garden, spring is the perfect time to embrace your green thumb.


Areas: South-east Queensland, Northern New South Wales

Subtropical regions are quite warm year round. Summers are hot and humid while winters normally are quite mild. Gardening in subtropical climates can occur across 12 months, thanks to year round rain and warm winters.


A range of basic herbs works well in a subtropical environment in spring. For small gardens or apartments, create a planter box on a windowsill for your favourite herbs.

What to plant: basil, oregano, coriander, chives, thyme, parsley

Fruit & Vegetables

Enjoy beautiful home grown salads throughout summer, by planting a delicious range of fruits and vegetables in spring.

What to plant: melon, capsicum, cucumber, pumpkin, beetroot, radish, tomato

Flowers & Plants

Fill your subtropical garden with these boldly coloured blooms.

What to plant: pink hibiscus, sunflowers, begonia, verbena

Spring Herbs


Areas: North Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia

With heavy rainfall, high humidity and warm temperatures year round, a tropical climate garden is normally full of lush greenery and fragrant flowers. Although you do not need to worry too much about winter care, you will need to make sure your plants are well grounded or able to be moved quickly and easily in the event of severe storms, cyclones and hurricanes.


Spring herbs in a tropical climate will provide you with plenty of flavours for Asian-inspired dishes.

What to plant: chilli, chives, ginger, mint, oregano, parsley

Fruit & Vegetables

Enjoy gourmet salads and crisp stir-fries with the array of tropical, spring vegetables.

What to plant: carrot, Chinese cabbage, choko, French beans, radish, silverbeet, spinach, sweet potato

Flowers & Plants

Create a tropical wonderland with lush green foliage and palm-style plants to suite your tropical climate.

What to plant: bromeliads, flapjacks, crotons, arecaceae

Spring Tropical Garden


Areas: Southern Western Australia, South-East New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania

A temperate climate has 4 distinct seasons, which means seasonal upkeep and changes to your garden are important in keeping thriving plants. Choose your plants wisely so you’ll have shade in the summer and blooms all year round.


Many herbs will come back year after year, even after dying off over the cooler months. Spring is a great time to plant many herbs and see them return the following spring!

What to plant: mint, dill, oregano, sage, bay leaves

Fruit & Vegetables

Spring in a temperate climate encourages a growth of delicious fruit and vegetables, perfect for vitamin-packed smoothies.

What to plant: strawberries, bananas, Imperial mandarins, berries, beetroot

Flowers & Plants

Fill your garden with a range of colourful and fragrant flowers to embrace the spring spirit.

What to plant: marigold, Iceland poppy, viola, wallflower, cleome

Spring Fruit