1 Month Old

Within just a few weeks after birth, your baby will be taking more notice of your voice, face and touch. Your baby’s hearing will be fully developed and can lift their head briefly while on their stomach. Bub’s hands will move jerkily, and will be able to get them close to their mouth.

3 Months Old

Generally by 3 months bub is smiling, actively enjoying playtime and starting to babble. Baby can lift their head and chest, open and close hands and focus intently on faces around them. Your baby should be able to recognise you from across the room.

4 – 7 Months Old

Bub should be fully engaged with the world around him/her, smiling, laughing and having babbling conversations with you. By 7 months bub can sit up on their own, knows their name and is more sensitive to your tone of voice. Your little one should enjoy Peekaboo and finding partially hidden objects. Bub will also now see the world in full colour.

8 – 12 Months Old

By 8 months your baby should be an eager explorer, quickly crawling or scooting around. Babbling can start to sound like real conversation, often with their first words like ‘dada’ or ‘mama’. Bub can now use their hands like pincers to eat finger food, and loves to mimic mum and dad.
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Every child learns, grows and develops at their own pace. When they’re old enough, be sure to socialise them with children their own age at a Mackay child care centre.

Hot Tots Educational Centre
Providing educational activities and programs for children from early childhood to school age, Hot Tots Educational Centre is a great choice. The passionate team at this centre understand the value of early learning, and will go above and beyond to ensure your child is encouraged in all aspects of learning. With a shaded outdoor area as well as educational rooms filled with books and toys, bub is sure to enjoy their time at Hot Tots Educational Centre.
Where: 35 Paget St, West Mackay, QLD 4740

Birralee Child Care Centre Assn Inc
Looking for a nurturing environment, where your child can make friends and develop a love for learning? Talk to the lovely team at Biralee Child Care Centre. At this Mackay centre, they make early education and transition to school as fun and exciting as possible. Boasting a large shaded outdoor play area with a safe climbing fort, kids love spending their days here! Take a tour of the centre by giving the team a call today.
Where: 33 Clements St, South Mackay QLD 4740

Taking care of bub is a full-time job. Take some time for yourself with these great salons!


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