4 great DIY pet projects

August 3, 2015 - 2 min read

Ever thought of turning an old table into a cat bed? Or how about using old clothes for a chew toy? Here are 4 super easy DIY projects you can do for your pet at home.

1. Need a sturdy, cheap toy for a teething dog? Grab an old shirt or a pair of jeans.

This project is super easy and will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time! If you’ve got a dog that’s chewing on everything, try making toys that your pooch will have a hard time destroying. Simply cut a portion of your jeans or shirt, and fold into a long piece so the material is nice and thick. Once that’s done, tie into a knot and there you have it!
Check out the DIY project here.

2. Is it time you upgraded your cat’s bed? Upcycle an old table!

Whether you have an old piece gathering dust in the garage, or you just love op-shopping, upcycling a used table is a great way to make a cute four-poster bed for your cat. This requires a bit more time, effort and tools than the dog project, but will be worth the effort once you’re finished! Your cat will look even more regal when napping on this sophisticated piece.
Check out the DIY project here.

3. Jazz up your fishbowl with a gumball machine.

Just because your fish is stuck in a mini aquatic world, doesn’t mean they have to miss out on your DIY efforts. Make your fish bowl the focal point of a room by converting it into a gumball machine (totally fish-safe). This project requires a few tools and equipment, but the result is amazing!
Check out the DIY project here.

4. Make dinner time less messy with this pet bowl stand.

Does your dog always cough after having a drink of water? This could be because their bowl is too low. Prop up their eating and drinking station with this cool DIY pet bowl stand. This is a project for more advanced DIY-ers, as it requires power tools. Perfect for cats and dogs, this design can be modified to suit all breed sizes.
Check out the DIY project here.

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