There are a whole range of musical instruments that are usually offered throughout primary and high school—it’s never too late to learn the art of music! Here’s some insight into the main types of musical instruments that your child may be able to learn at school.


Violin, viola, cello & double bass – usually offered around Year 3, strings are a popular choice for little ones to learn early. Be warned, the first year can be a grueling time for young ones learning the strings (as well as you!), but given time and practice, they’ll be playing beautiful melodies! If your school or private tutor offers guitar lessons, this could also be a great option.


Clarinet, saxophone, flute – depending on the school, students are usually given the opportunity to join a band ensemble in Year 5. Unlike a string ensemble, the band consists of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Woodwinds have really flexible timbres*, and are suited to both jazz and classical music. Reed instruments like the clarinet and saxophone are prone to squeaking, and it may take some time for your child to perfect their form. However, having a passionate teacher goes a long way!
*the individual tone/sound of the instrument.


Trumpet, trombone, tuba – there’s nothing quite like the sound of brass! Offered at the same time as woodwind instruments, brass also go well with symphonic and jazz pieces of music. It also takes a while to attain perfect form and blowing techniques, as brass mouthpieces require a completely different embouchure*. Brass aren’t as squeaky as woodwinds, but it does take a while to perfect tone, and they can be quite loud.
*the way you shape and position your lips when playing a wind instrument.


Last, but certainly not least, there are the drums. Kids can usually get started with a pair of drumsticks and a rubber ‘practice snare’, so they can quietly practice their rhythms at home. This saves you from buying a complete drum kit, and the loudness that it creates. A practice snare encourages their passion, but won’t leave you with a drum kit gathering dust in the corner if they decide to dive into a new hobby.

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