What does a bathroom renovation cost?

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Keep reading for average bathroom renovation costs and other ways you can update your bathroom without entirely renovating it.

Bathroom renovations can be an exciting update for your home, but they can also be costly. By understanding bathroom renovation costs, you can budget properly and assess if renovating the entire bathroom or just updating certain parts is best for you.

So, if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom in Australia, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the major costs associated with bathroom renos and how to update your bathroom without entirely renovating it.

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How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Australia?

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, here are some top factors to consider when it comes to cost:

  • Demolition costs.
  • Wall structure and quality.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Plumbing, electrical and tile work.
  • Materials and fittings.

A typical small bathroom reno in Australia can cost $20,750 to $27,000 on average. On the other hand, larger bathrooms with higher quality materials and equipment can cost $25,000 to $30,000.

A major factor when budgeting for your bathroom renovation is the size of the bathroom. Typically, the larger a bathroom is, the more expensive the renovation. See the below chart for a general idea of bathroom reno costs in relation to bathroom size.

Average price list for bathroom renovations in Australia, relevant to bathroom size.

*Above information from Lendi.

If entirely replacing your bathroom seems too expensive, there are other steps you can take to update your bathroom rather than renovating it:

How to Update Your Bathroom

1. Update your bathroom countertop.

Updating your bathroom countertop can change the whole look of your bathroom and make your bathroom look renovated, even without any other major updates. You can either swap out the countertop, or you can buy countertop film to give it a new look and change it any time.

Countertop film is peel and stick wallpaper-like material which you can use to cover counter surfaces and peel off at any time. This option is great for those on a budget or renters, as it can make any surface look like marble, terrazzo, concrete or any other material, without the high price tag.

Average price per film piece: $5.14 (45cm x 1.5m)


2. Swap out your bathroom cabinet hardware.

Updating your bathroom cabinet hardware is another small, but big change. New, shiny hardware really gives bathrooms an updated look and can make your cabinets stand out.

Average price for cabinet hardware: $15 per cabinet hardware piece.


3. Update your bathroom lighting.

Updating your bathroom lighting can be the biggest improvement to your bathroom. Lighting is everything, so updating that dingy old yellow light may be the trick to making your bathroom brighter and lighter (we all know the one).

Instead, opt for bright, refreshing lights and even look into mirrors with built-in lights if you often do your makeup in the bathroom.

Average price for bathroom lights: $100 per light fixture.


4. Replace your bathroom mirror.

You can also replace your bathroom mirror, which can make brushing your teeth a much more enjoyable experience. From mirrors that make your guest think you’re an interior designer to vanity mirrors with built in lights, there are so many options to help update your bathroom mirror.

Average price for bathroom mirrors: $85.


5. Paint your bathroom.

Painting your bathroom is another proactive way to refresh your bathroom without entirely renovating it. Opt for whites, tans, peaches or refreshing blues or choose any colour to make your bathroom feel clean and exciting to you.

You can also use wallpaper to update your bathroom, or incorporate a feature wall to give it that extra pop of colour.

While you’re decorating your bathroom, think about minimising products on the counter, but leave a nice candle and fresh plant out for ambiance!

Average price for 1/2m wallpaper tile: $5.20.


6. Update your shower.

Updating your shower is a larger step, but not an entire renovation. From replacing your soap holder and shower head to updating the tiles and walls, there’s no minimum or maximum for how much of your shower you’d like to update.

Average price for soap holders: $15.


7. Replace floor tiles.

Replacing your bathroom floor tiles can be a refreshing change. Since floor tiles are a major component of your bathroom and change the entire colour scheme, updating these can allow you to change your countertop colour and change the wall colours too.

When you’re looking into options for updating your bathroom, ensure you consider the quality and cost of materials. If you’re renovating or updating your bathroom to sell your house, avoid costly materials and customised fittings which may not appeal to buyers. You can instead choose more basic and cheaper options which the new owner can change and style to suit their taste.

Average price per 45x45cm floor tiles (6 pack): $34.36.


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