Warm up your winter with food!

July 16, 2015 - 2 min read

What better way to test out your skills in the kitchen than with a winter feast? With so many food ideas to choose from, choosing what to cook for dinner can drive you crazy! So we have created the perfect winter shopping checklist, as well as a range of meal ideas to get you started

What do you have in your pantry right now?

Winter is all about hearty, leafy vegetables. They thrive during this season and are also extremely good for your immune system, so be sure to stock up on these picks to keep your body happy, healthy and most importantly, full!
Brussel sprouts
Winter is also the best time for all of the best fruits! Take a look at the list to make the most of your next supermarket spree:
Nashi pears

Create perfect winter meals

Now that your fridge and pantry stocked for the season, it’s time to start creating delicious meals that’ll warm up the whole family! This can sometimes be a difficult task, but we’ve done the work for you, and compiled a list of classic meal foundations which you can add your personal touches to.


Pasta is always the go-to for a quick warm meal, and there are so many variations of this dish that it’s impossible to tire of! In minutes, you can whip up spaghetti with a delicious spinach pesto sauce, or go for a classic bolognese with chopped seasonal vegetables for amazing flavour.

Soups & stews

It’s as simple as throwing some meat and vegetables in a pot and letting them cook over a low to medium heat! Use your favourite stock to create a broth, add your favourite herbs and let all your ingredients come together in a delightful simmer. Alternatively, you can transfer the vegetables into a blender to create a smooth soup—get that pumpkin out and blend away! Grill some cheese onto crusty bread and you have the perfect accompaniment to your soupy concoction.


Chop up your vegetables and meat again, except this time, transfer them to the oven instead of the saucepan. Roasting may seem like an arduous task, however it is as simple as chopping, basting and cooking! If you’re getting tired of the same old roasted vegetables, you can always create a great winter side dish of gratin, using broccoli and cauliflower cooked in a cheese sauce. The result is cheesy, gooey goodness with that golden topping that everyone will go crazy for!


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