How to look after your canine friend!

July 16, 2015 - 1 min read

As a dog owner, you automatically take on a number of responsibilities. From checking your pet is healthy and exercised to making sure your home is fully functional, there’s a lot to take in before homing man’s best friend. 


Mount Isa properties within the defined town area are legally owned to keep up to two registered dogs at any one time. If you desire to keep more canine friends, you will need to apply for a special permit from the Mount Isa City Council.


In Mount Isa, all pets—including cats and dogs—must be registered each year with Mount Isa City Council. This process is highly important for the wellbeing of your animal, and can also give you peace of mind in the unfortunate situation your pet gets lost.

Registration tags

When your dog is listed with the council, they’ll be given a registration tag. Pets must wear these tags on their collar at all times, allowing your pet to be easily identified if found straying or lost in the area.

Exercise areas

It’s highly important to ensure your animal is exercised each day. Although you’re able to walk your dog leashed in most public places, off-leash exercise is the best option for your pet. For an area that allows off-leash walking, head to Edna Medly Park on Sunset Drive.

Health & wellbeing

Keeping on top of your pet’s wellbeing is the first step to ensuring them a happy and healthy life. From getting them desexed and immunised to checking their dental hygiene and general health, there are so many ways to keep your animal free from illnesses.