Verandahs: not just for summer!

August 14, 2015 - 1 min read

Have you got a beautiful wrap-around verandah that simply does not get used during the cooler months? While the outside space may get used often during summer, we tend to forget about it during winter—as it’s just too cold to sit outside and enjoy it, right? Not necessarily! We’ve come up with some great easy tips to making your verandah liveable even when the temperature drops. Read on to find out how you can best utilise your outdoor verandah space and entertain guests so it doesn’t go to waste.

Remember, your verandah is a valuable outdoor living space! You’re covered from all the elements—so there’s no reason you can’t spruce it up during winter. Here’s how you can make your verandah your new favourite winter retreat.

Keeping your outside space nice and warm

This is the big trick to enjoying your verandah throughout the winter months. It’s understandable you’ll want to be somewhere warm, so why not make your outdoor space nice and cosy? Battle the cold with some well-placed heaters that are safe to use near the home and under a solid roof. These options can include natural gas heaters, electric heaters or even a fireplace. Another great way to keep your outdoor area warm is to turn any outside ceiling fans on reverse: simple, easy and effective!

Add a few blinds for a significant difference

Keep the heat in and the cold out by installing some outdoor blinds around your verandah. On your covered verandah you may be sheltered from the rain, but what about the cool wind? Block it out with some quality outdoor blinds. Depending on the look you want, you can opt for clear PVC (like the ones cafés often have), durable fabrics or even a fine mesh.

Throw in a few comfortable furnishings

You’d be amazed what a comfy couch or a few brightly coloured cushions can do for brightening up your outdoor space, and making it feel a lot warmer. Add a side table with a vase full of fresh flowers, lay down a bright rug or even hang some artwork, this will make your outdoor space much more inviting!