5 Tips for Buying a Motorbike

August 14, 2015 - 3 min read

So, you want to swap your four wheels for two? Before you buy a motorbike, ensure you have yourself covered with these top tips.

So you’ve decided on purchasing a beautiful new (or used) motorbike. If you’re an avid motorcycle enthusiast, it’s very likely you already know what you’re doing! However, we all have to start somewhere—so if this is your first motorcycle purchase, read on. We’ve covered the most important things to know prior to going for that test ride and falling in love—from knowing your skills through to what to take into account when purchasing a used bike.

Tip 1: Know your skill level

Understanding how well you drive a motorcycle, as well as the type of licence you have, will determine the type of bike to purchase. Not only will you require one that suits your abilities, but you also want to be sure the bike you’re purchasing is legal for you to drive (i.e. a learner-approved motorcycle).

Tip 2: Know how you intend to ride

The kind of riding you’re interested in will dictate what kind of bike will best serve your needs, such as a sports bike or a cruiser. Not only will you want to look at the bike’s performance attributes, but you’ll also want to consider the terrain you will be riding on, whether your commute has many twists or turns, or if you enjoy touring the country. If this is your first bike, you won’t want anything too powerful!

Tip 3: Test it

If you are sitting on the bike and your feet don’t touch the ground, the bike is too tall for you. You want to be able to put your feet comfortably flat on the ground, as well as sit properly on the bike without losing balance. Make sure to take it for a test ride prior to signing on the dotted line!

Tip 4: Get accessorised

Buying a bike is expensive—not only because of the cost of the bike, but also because you’re going to need a helmet, jacket, gloves, shoes, pants, rain suit and more. So be ready to purchase a lot of extras to ensure you’re safe on the road!

Tip 5: Know what to look for in a used bike

  • Look for any rust marks or scratches on the body, tank and fenders
  • Inspect the footpegs for wear and tear
  • Check the seat for fading or cracks (this indicates the bike’s had a tough life)
  • Inspect the engine and transmission for any oil seepage or leaks

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