Types of Interior Door Styles

Interior doors play a huge role in tying rooms together and making your rooms flow together. Keep reading to find out which door styles suit your home…

Interior doors are a vital part of your home’s overall style and ambiance. You can use these top interior door styles to give you an idea of how to tie rooms together and ensure your home’s style is cohesive. 

It’s important to also consider which style of doors you want in your home to decide if you want them to blend in or stand out. From simple flush doors to steel framed doors, there are so many styles to choose from, which is why we thought we’d help narrow it down for you.

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11 Types of Interior Door Styles

1. Flush doors.

Flush doors are the simplest of doors, with plain surfaces on both sides. This type of door is great to blend in and tie rooms together with its sleek appearance, making them great for modern homes. 

A flush door is typically made from a solid or hollow core with finishing sheets made of plywood or MDF to envelop a flat and clean surface. To finish the door, the surface can be laminated, veneered or painted.


2. Panel doors.

Panel doors are a classic and elegant design for any home. From one panel to six (or more, if desired), there are many options for this type of door. With six being the most common number of panels for a panel door, you can do one to three panels for a more statement and modern door design.


3. Shaker doors.

Shaker doors are similar to panel doors, customisable with different amounts of panels. However, shaker doors have the entire square indented, while panel doors are only the outline of a rectangle. 

Interior designers tend to love shaker doors due to their modern, yet simple design. It makes them ideal for easily blending with cabinets, drawers and rooms as a whole.


4. Glass doors.

Glass doors are a perfect addition to rooms that don’t need privacy — and please don’t get a glass door for your bathroom, unless it’s frosted glass we’re talking about. Commonly used for exterior doors leading to a backyard or front yard, glass doors can be the perfect way to block bugs, wind, rain and the outside temperature, while still allowing bright sunlight into your home. 

From frosted glass to steel-framed glass doors, there are so many beautiful ways to incorporate this door style into your home. They can also be used to cohesively bring rooms together, using glass doors for offices, kitchens, entryways and frosted glass doors in bathrooms. Lastly, they are a great way to divide rooms and spaces, without feeling like you’re losing that space.


5. French doors.

French doors are a great alternative to glass doors, offering a bit more privacy and sturdiness. This type of door can be great for patios, play rooms, offices and even front doors. However, they’re best for front doors which have an exterior gate, so passerbys can’t look directly into your home (unless they’re glazed). 

Like glass doors, French Doors can help give off an open-plan feel, while still providing the other necessities of a door.


6. Steel-framed doors.

Steel-framed doors are a modern type of glass door, creating an elegant but industrial style to homes. Featuring multiple panels, steel-framed doors are a great way to tie rooms together while keeping a modern style.


7. Barn doors.

Yeehaw! Barn doors are the perfect way to add character to any space. Get that warm, homey, cottage feel by adding sliding barn doors to your home. 

From wood to painted barn doors, they are paired best with black finishings and are perfect for bedrooms and sometimes bathrooms. Another reason to get this top interior door style, is because they look good whether they are open or shut, perfect for rooms that don’t need to be enclosed all the time.


8. Mirrored doors.

Mirrored doors are great to optimise spaces and make smaller spaces seem larger. From full-length mirror doors to doors with mirror details, this type of door can be used in so many ways. Whether you want to bring in more light, reflect nearby artwork, make spaces seem larger, or use this door in a tactical location where you need to check yourself out, there is a mirrored door style for your home’s interior. 

Mirrored doors are commonly used in bedrooms, where they can be used to check your makeup or outfit, but also work well in offices, workout rooms and bathrooms. 


9. Pocket doors.

Pocket doors are sliding doors which ‘disappear’ into thin air as they glide into the wall. They are perfect to minimise the space taken up by doors as they open and shut on a horizontal axis without having to swing open and shut. 

This style of door is perfect for bathrooms, closets and kitchen pantries, making it appear as if there’s no door until it’s needed for privacy, or to hide the mess behind.


Sliding doors.

Additionally, instead of pocket doors, double sliding doors can be a great way to bring two larger rooms together (like a living room and dining room) by making the room seem open, but also have the opportunity to close the doors when needed.


10. Bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors are a great transition door from indoor to outdoor. Most commonly seen on patios or balconies, bi-fold doors are a great way to bring these two spaces together.  

When closed, you have large glass doors, but when opened the sliding panels fold up to allow the entire doorway to be an open space.


11. Hidden doors.

Hidden doors are a great way to remove the dividing factor of doors, by blending a door into its background. This type of door completely depends on its background, making it any material, pattern and design to make it camouflage. They are a great way to hide cupboards, media rooms or anything else you want to keep a secret.


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