It’s Friday eve, which means it’s time to start gearing up for the weekend. What better way to do this than by chomping on a flavoursome meal from one of the world’s most festive countries – Mexico. A taco isn’t just an ordinary meal, it’s an adventure. As you bite down through the taco shell you notice a burst of flavour with tomato and lime salsa. Just when you think your taste buds are too excited they catch a hint of the humbling guacamole and refreshing shredded lettuce. Then, as the taste rollercoaster is pulling up to the platform, that filling of beef or chicken brings you home. Or maybe it’s just a taco to you. Either way, here are four restaurants where you can find one to eat this Thursday night.
The Courtyard

The Courtyard serves up delicious tacos all week long.
The Courtyard serves up delicious tacos all week long.

The Courtyard is an Americana street food restaurant and bar in Townsville’s City Lane. While they serve up delicious snacks and iconic NY hot dogs, one highlight is definitely their tacos. Whether you’re after sumptuous slow cooked shredded beef with a root beer glaze or a tangy fish and tarragon mayo taco, The Courtyard serves it. All of that delicious food is sure to make you thirsty, why not follow it up with a Blue Moon Belgian White beer or a sailor Jerry cocktail?
Where: 373 Flinders Street, Townsville City QLD 4810 

A hard taco wrapped in a soft taco at Zambrero
A hard taco wrapped in a soft taco at Zambrero

Zambrero’s description is ‘happiness in a soft tortilla’. That should be enough of a giveaway that this restaurant serves up a delicious taco adventure for you to journey on. Whether you want a chicken or pork taco, or would prefer a black rice vegetarian bundle then Zambrero is the place. You can also add sizzling lime rice and a range of sauces to personalise your experience. And do you know what? If you can’t choose between a soft or hard taco, you can have both. That is correct, a hard taco, wrapped in a soft taco.
Where: 207 Flinders Street East, Townsville City QLD 4810
Cactus Jack’s Bar and Grill
Cactus Jack's serves up delicious Mexican meals.
Cactus Jack’s serves up delicious Mexican meals.

Two words: Tex-Mex. Bite size. Yes please. Cactus Jack’s is a Texan cross Mexican restaurant that serves up tostaditas (miniature tacos)! If you aren’t excited enough for your achiote chicken tostadita served with black beans and chipotle mayonnaise then order it alongside a jalapeńo popper to spice things up. Or buffalo wings. Or Patrón XO cheesecake. Really, order it alongside whatever tickles your fancy because everything on the menu is mouth-watering and inviting.
Where: 21 Palmer Street, South Townsville QLD 4810
Riverview Tavern
Join in the Mexicana fun at the Riverview Tavern
Join in the Mexicana fun at the Riverview Tavern

Another twist on the taco, the Riverview Tavern restaurant serves up quesadillas as part of their lunch and dinner menu. Although technically a quesadilla isn’t a taco, it has a soft taco shell and copious amounts of melted cheese so it makes it onto this list. This entré-sized dish is perfect as a light meal or to wet your whistle for something heartier off the restaurant’s menu. This restaurant also has a fantastic vibe including live music and a courtesy bus to pick you up and get you home.
Where: Riverside Boulevard, Douglas QLD 4814
If there’s a tasty taco not on this list, comment below and let us know!