1. Stellarossa

Stellarossa signature coffee art

Located conveniently on Mangrove Road, pull up out the front of the Canelands Shopping Centre and enjoy a coffee and meal at the delicious Stellarossa. These guys produce quality coffee and their portion size is bound to satisfy your appetite after a long cycle. While your sipping away on your long black or flat white, grab a slice of their cake that is baked onsite. If your morning bike ride travels into lunchtime this is the best spot to park, as they have a selection of sandwiches that are packed with local meats and salads to keep you full all day.
If you’re feeling really ravenous, add a side of thick cut chips or even order a big pasta to really satisfy your hunger. Their signature coffees are exploding with caffeine and calcium, exactly what you will need after a cross country-style cycle. What’s really cool about Stellarossa is that you can sit outside on the deck and enjoy the beautiful river views while cooling down after your workout. The meals and coffee at Stellarossa are well priced and are going to satisfy everyone’s needs. So, if you’re a part of a cycling group, Stellarossa is the perfect place to try.
Where: Shop 2440/2 Mangrove road Caneland Central Riverside Mackay, QLD, 4740
2. Mackay Metro Restaurant Cafe Bar

mackay metro
Mackay Metro Restaurant Cafe Bar coffee art

Mackay Metro Restaurant Cafe Bar is a family owned business that boasts speciality roasted coffee that will pump you full of caffeine to keep you going for hours. Mackay Metro Restaurant Cafe Bar is located conveniently on River Street, so it’s super easy to pull up right out the front of the café with a large group of your cycling friends. Put your feet up momentarily and have a quick snack so you can hit the road again and keep that heart rate pumping.
Mackay Metro Restaurant Cafe Bar is renowned for their ridiculously tasty beverages, including iced mocha frappes that are oozing with chocolate goodness. Make sure you try this baby, and don’t worry about the calorie content as you’ve been working up a sweat all morning. These guys have some raving reviews and they consistently provide quality service with a smile. Mackay Metro Restaurant Cafe Bar has a friendly team of baristas ready to whip you up a little piece of coffee heaven.
Where: Unit 59 Rivage/26 River Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740
4. Woodman’s Axe Espresso
Woodman’s Axe Espresso Long Black coffee

The baristas at Woodman’s Axe Espresso live and breathe coffee while using the highest quality products that they source locally. They seasonally rotate their beans through the espresso bar to keep coffee-lovers palates craving more. Woodman’s Axe Espresso are a little bit fancy, so, if you’re passionate about coffee, this is where you should detour on you morning bike route.
The guys at Woodman’s Axe Espresso always ensure they use the highest quality equipment on the market and, for the coffee gurus out there, this includes Synesso and Expobar espresso machines. Their premium espresso blend is rich in flavour with a spicy and nutty hint. Their signature blend incorporates a pinch of butterscotch and a dark chocolate finish. The inhouse tea options are supplied by Tea Drop, and the hot chocolate they stock is one of the best in town supplied by MOFO Deluxe – you have to try it! They open at 6am, so if you’re an early rider come in and say hello to the friendly baristas at Woodman’s Axe Espresso.
Where: 41 Sydney Street, Mackay, QLD, 4707
Are you a Mackay cyclists? Where do you stop to refuel throughout your ride? Let us know in the comments below.