Top 5 Awesome Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

September 9, 2015 - 2 min read

A small bathroom does not have to be boring or cramped. We’ve found five awesome bathroom renovation ideas that can help create more space and turn your bathroom into your favourite room in the house.

Just because your bathroom is short on space, doesn’t mean it has to be short on style! Here are some great renovation tips to give your bathroom that 5-star feel.

Create Space With Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a fantastic way to maximise your limited bathroom space. They are also ideal for displaying colourful hand towels, pictures, scented candles or any other decorations that take your fancy. Floating shelves can also be combined with stackable crates or baskets to give your bathroom a warm, rustic charm.

Mirrored Walls & Cabinets

Mirrored Wall

Mirrors are a classic way to add a sense of space in a confined area. To free up storage room, it’s well worth adding a mirrored cabinet above your vanity and/or sink.

It may also be worthwhile adding mirrored walls to flow seamlessly with your mirrored cabinets. In addition to achieving greater design consistency, this approach will allow you to enjoy your bathroom décor from multiple angles.

However, if you prefer the look of old-fashioned refinement to the sleek and modern, a framed mirror is the way to go. Framed mirrors will also permit you to make better use of the surrounding space for shelving and framed decorations.

Slim Sinks & Vanities

Slim sink

Narrow sink and vanity combinations are an absolute must for any small bathroom. Available in a wide array of modern and traditional styles, the appeal of slim sinks and vanities is that they perfectly harmonise style with functionality. They also free up more room for your bathtub or shower. With both fixed and hanging options available, you can be certain you will find a slim sink and vanity to suit your taste.

Cosy Colours


Warm pastels are perfect for giving your bathroom that relaxed, welcoming aura. It’s important to make sure that the colours you use for your tiles compliment the shade and texture of your walls.

Fortunately, your local renovation professional will provide you with a comprehensive colour chart to take the guesswork out of the whole process. Whether you want to achieve that sunny beach-shack look, or a serene Eastern-style lustre, the right colour makes all the difference. 

Bath & Shower Combinations

Bath and Shower

Nothing inspires creativity like restrictions, and bath/shower combinations are a great example of this. All you need is a tub, a hand-held shower hose and mount, taps and a screen.

In addition to looking great and being highly practical, bath/shower combinations are highly cost-effective. Complementing your bath/shower with a slim glass screen and door will also greatly free up the space in your bathroom, while also giving it a crisp, modern look.

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