Horse Health Care Tips for Summer

September 9, 2015 - 3 min read

It’s important to keep your horse well cared for and health all year round. But as the weather warms up, a new range of problems can nag your horse. Our guide for summer horse health care will take you through common problems you horse may experience during the warmer months, and how you can help prevent them.

Skin Protection

Your horse’s skin is just as sensitive to the sun as your own. Exposure to the sun may result in sunburn (appears as does on humans) and skin cancer.
To protect your horse’s skin, ensure you keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. When they are outside, shield their face with a mask and coat their face with zinc oxide cream. Sunscreen can be used, but allergic reactions are common, so do a spot test first or ask your vet.
Horse sun protection


Flies can transmit diseases to your horse and possibly cause allergic reactions. These insects are attracted to your horse’s sweat, so it is important to wash your horse with cool water at least once a day.
In the morning, spray your horse with a fly repellent to help them avoid flies throughout the day.
Horse Flies


Worms and parasites breed in warm, wet weather, making summer the prime time for worm infestations.
Ensuring your horse is wormed will help prevent worms and larvae from becoming a problem. For more information, contact your local vet.
Horse Bath


You will need to make sure your horse has access to fresh, clean water at all times (including regular stops when riding), more so during the warmer months.
You can test your horse’s hydration levels by performing a pinch test. Gently pinch the skin fold along your horse’s back—the skin should spring smoothly back into place. If the skin stays in a ridge, your horse is dehydrated.

If your horse is dehydrated, contact a vet to administer fluids and electrolyte solutions.
Horse drinking

Queensland Itch

Queensland Itch is an allergic reaction to proteins in midge saliva, which causes your horse’s skin to become inflamed. You will notice your horse rubbing against objects to try and scratch the irritated skin.
Applying a cream that contains eucalyptus or lavender oil will help soothe the inflamed skin. To allow the skin to heal, you will need to keep midges away by applying an equine-friendly insecticide to the horse’s coat.

Itchy horse

Sweating Food

Keep your horse’s feed in a cool, dry place to help prevent sweating. When the food becomes moist, it is prone to growing mould. Regularly stir the feed to ensure it has not gone mouldy anywhere in the container.
Horse food

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