TOP 3 Halloween Makeup Ideas Anyone Can Do

Even if you don’t have time to pull a costume together, these Halloween makeup ideas will get you in the spirit. Better still, they’re all super simple to do.

Was anyone else inspired by Patrick Starrr’s version of Shrek to up their Halloween makeup game? Yeah, us too.

However, most of us don’t have time to practice or put together a look as fabulous as this. So, we’ve found some easier Halloween makeup ideas you can use to spice up your costume.

3 BEST EASY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Creepy Clown Halloween Makeup

The key to creepy clown makeup is the points in the lips and around the eyes. Traditionally, clown makeup does not feature sharp points as it tends to scare children, but this look is all about breaking that rule.

If you want to target a more ‘Joker’ look to your makeup, be sure to smudge out the makeup so it is not as neat as the one pictured below.

How-to do creepy clown makeup:

  1. Apply a purple glue-stick to your eyebrows, ensuring you apply in both the direction the hair grows and against.
  2. Leave the glue alone for about 30 to 60 seconds, or until it feels tacky.
  3. Using a toothbrush or spoolie, comb all the hairs up until they’re flat against your skin. You can also use the back of a spoon to flatten even more.
  4. Apply loose translucent powder using a large fluffy brush to your eyebrows so the glue is not shiny.
  5. Take a makeup sponge and apply the lightest full-coverage foundation you can find, or use a good-quality white face paint.
  6. Use white eyeliner to line your eyes.
  7. Set your face with a translucent powder.
  8. Draw your desired mouth shape with red lipstick and fill it in. To make it look even creepier, line the edges with a slightly darker red.
  9. You can use the same red lipstick, or switch to a red face paint, to paint around your nostrils, the tip of your nose to create a ‘dog’s nose’.
  10. Using a fine-tip brush and a coloured face paint of your choosing, draw on the upside-down triangles under each eye.
  11. Using the same colour and brush, draw on a triangle from where your eyebrows normally are.
  12. Take the red paint or lipstick again and draw on the eyebrow shapes above the points of each triangle.

The Sickest Makeup

Forgot you had a Halloween party to attend? Agreed to dress up for Halloween at work but are running late? Well, don your tracky dacks, put some tissues up your sleeves and spend a few minutes on this makeup look.

How-to do sick person makeup:

  1. Now is the time to use that foundation that’s too light for you and apply a light application all over your face, including your lips.
  2. For your eyes, focus some reddish eyeshadow (or some blush if you’re in a pinch) in the inner corner of your eye, blending it both down and up, and outwards.
  3. Take this same red and apply blend out around your nostrils. Pull the colour a little bit down into the creases of your cheeks.
  4. Using a more purple eyeshadow, focus on the inner corner of your eye, and blend down and out, but only a few centremetres out.
  5. Set your lips with a powder so they look dry. They should still be pale from the foundation.
  6. Use a luminous setting spray or a no-show facial sunscreen spray and douse your forehead and upper lip.
  7. Open your mouth a little so you look like you have a stuffed up nose and you’re done.

Mermaid Makeup

Creating mermaid Halloween makeup looks so much harder than it is. Even if you don’t have face paint, you can use eyeshadow, although the facial stickers are a necessity for a passable mermaid (or merman). 

You’ll also want to choose your colour palette, sticking to two or three colours.

How-to do mer-person makeup:

  1. You want to start with a flawless base, so use a full-coverage foundation and concealer, with a setting powder, as you normally would.
  2. Take a portion of fishnet stocking and place it across your forehead.
  3. Choose the first of your two colours and blend it along your hairline, over the net, coming down to a peak towards the center of your forehead.
  4. Take a large fluffy face brush and apply a light dusting off silver over anywhere you placed shadow previously. Ensure your fishnet is still in place while you do this.
  5. Take a fresh piece of fishnet and place it on your cheekbones.
  6. Blend your first chosen colour on the top of your cheekbone over your fishnet, coming no further in than if you were to draw a line down from your pupil.
  7. Directly underneath, below your cheekbone, use your second colour. Again, over the fishnet.
  8. You may want to do this on your jawline or neck, where you think gills would be.
  9. Select your second colour and pull it down in peaks on your temples.
  10. Using a fluffy blending brush, take a small amount of your first colour and blend into and above your crease.
  11. If you know how to cut-crease, now is your chance. Otherwise, pack on your second colour all over your eyelid.
  12. Take the fluffy blending brush again with a little of the first colour and blend the two colours together at the crease.
  13. Personally, we like to leave the eyebrows natural, but you can also use the shadows in your brows too. 
  14. As for your lips, we love a holo-silver lipgloss or a sea green lipstick, but a bright pink also works.
  15. To finish, place your face stickers on the high points of your cheekbones, brow bones and forehead so they catch the light.

Feature image credit: Photo by Laercio Cavalcanti on Unsplash

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