Frightfully Fun Halloween Makeup Ideas

October 26, 2015 - 1 min read

Halloween means its time to get dressed up and indulge on candy. If you’re looking for ideas to wear to a halloween party, here are some easy looks you can do yourself.

1. Wraith/Spirit

Inspired by a promotional poster for American Horror Story, this look requires black and white face paint. That’s it. Simply cover your face in white paint, give yourself some serious panda eyes and let them drip. Cover yourself in a white sheet and voilà! Spooooookyyyy.

2. Chelsea Grin

A popular SFX makeup look these days, the Chelsea Grin is a Joker-esque smile that’s surprisingly easy to create. Start by painting thin black lines from the sides of your mouth to create a large “grin”. Then, gradually paint on some fake blood and let it drip for the full effect. To make it a little more 3D, you can soak ripped bits of toilet paper in fake blood and attach to your face for a “ripped flesh” effect!

3. Skull

I’m convinced that with black and white face paint, you can do anything. Using picture references from Google, you can turn yourself into a skeleton in no time. Define those cheekbones like never before!

4. Creepy Doll

This one is a lot of fun to do. Plus, look how creepy it is! To create that stuff-of-nightmares mouth, simply paint a black square that covers your bottom lip and stops before the tip of your chin (so you have room to create your new bottom lip). Once it dries, add some white squares for teeth, and finish it off with red lipstick on the tip of your chin and top lip.

5. Your favourite character

Use your imagination and work with things you have lying around the house. You may not want to be Furiosa or Jigsaw, so have fun with it, and have a great Halloween!

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