Here are a few things to know before setting out on a quest for DIY hair colouring.

Buy a few boxes of dye, not just one.

Unless you have a pixie or bob cut, and depending on the thickness of your hair, you may need more than one box of dye. If you have lush, long hair, you could require up to 3 boxes to get full coverage, so make sure you stock up!

Love the pool? Colouring may not be for you

Chlorine is well known for stripping away hair cuticles, which allows the water to alter your colour. If you have a chlorinated pool, be careful not to dive in or submerge your head—this could render all your hard work useless!

Colour always comes out darker than what’s on the box

The last thing you want is to get halfway through your new colour, only to find it’s much darker than you like! To avoid this catastrophe, make sure you buy a few shades lighter than your preferred colour. This way you can always darken to your liking, rather than having to wait then start all over again!

Which colour suits you?

This is a trick question—while it is true certain colours work with certain skin types better than others, the fact remains that you can dye your hair whatever colour you like! So go out there, have fun and enjoy tinkering with colours you enjoy.

If you’re ready to change up your colour, but want to avoid a possible DIY disaster, try one of these amazing Port Macquarie hairdressers.

Medusa Hair to Dye For
Offering high-quality cuts, colours and styling services for both men and women, Medusa Hair to Dye For is a fantastic Port Macquarie salon. From hair extensions and colouring through to razor cutting and upstyling, these expert hairdressers can do all this and more! Up with the latest trends and styles in fashion, however forward-thinking your dream style, you can count on this team to exceed your expectations. Book an appointment at Medusa Hair to Dye For today!
Where: 30A Morton St, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

Johanne Waters Hairdressing
From colour correction through to complete new colour makeovers, the team at Johanne Waters Hairdressing (Salon Me Me) has all your dye needs covered. Whether you need your hair done for an event, wedding or just because, you’ll love the results the team achieves, not to mention the gorgeous French boutique interiors! Offering one-on-one appointments where total attention is on you, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the experience.
Where: 23 The Tiller, Port Macquarie NSW 2444


Do you love mixing it up with different hair colours and styles? Give us your tips in the comments below!