Combine face moisturiser & foundation
Whether you buy a tinted moisturiser or simply rub together a drop of face moisturiser and your everyday foundation, combining the two can save you plenty of time in the morning! One application will be much easier than two, and it will give you a smooth, flawless coverage.
Make an eyeliner template
If you love applying that perfect winged eyeliner every morning, but can’t invest ten minutes in doing so, make yourself an eyeliner template! Simply draw and cut out the perfect eyeliner shape on a piece of paper or sticky note, then hold up to your eye and colour in. You’ll have amazing eyeliner before breakfast!
Make a spray-on moisturiser
If you can’t leave your house without moisturising those cracked elbows or scaly legs, then try this trick—mix your moisturiser in a spray bottle with a dash of water for easy application in the morning.
Tie up your hair & invest in a good dry shampoo
On days when you’re particularly time poor, skip doing your hair and tie it up in a classy ponytail. If you can’t quite tie your hair up, or you’re worried it’s looking greasy, invest in a quality dry shampoo to keep it fresh and add some volume.
Lay out your outfit the night before
While this isn’t strictly part of your beauty regime, choosing what to wear in the morning can take up plenty of time. By laying out your clothes the night before, you can quickly get dressed and don’t have to worry about realising what you’ve planned to wear is in the wash!

Having healthy skin and hair will make your beauty regime that much easier in the mornings. Check out these Emerald beauty salons and hairdressers to leave you with flawless skin and shining locks.
Tan Baby
A premium beauty salon in Emerald, Tan Baby offers a full range of beauty services. From facials to give you supple skin, to tanning and waxing, your daily beauty regime will be much easier with some regular upkeep by this professional team. Using only high-quality products such as Youngblood, Black Magic and SunFX, any treatment you opt for will leave you looking gorgeous. Need some stress relief from all that rushing around you’re doing? You can even get a massage at Tan Baby, so call and book an appointment today!
Address: Shop 4/115 Egerton Street, Emerald QLD 4720
Genesis Hair Design
If your hair is in desperate need of some TLC, make the trip to visit Genesis Hair Design! This highly-qualified team uses premium products to take your hair from an unmanageable mess to tamed beauty. Offering all sorts of treatments from general cuts and colours, right through to hair reconstruction and extensions, your mane will be in fantastic hands here. Perhaps you want to get rid of those dead ends so your hair is easier to brush in the morning, or you need to pick up some great products for everyday styling—don’t miss out on seeing Genesis Hair Design!
Address: 89 Egerton Street, Emerald QLD 4720

Do you have any time-saving beauty hacks? Share them in the comments below!