These tips are for consideration only. Before teaching your kids to swim, please consult a trained swimming instructor. Find one on LocalSearch.

Tips For Teaching Infants To Swim

Baby Swimming
Getting your baby used to water early on will help make sure they are comfortable in the water. Here are some top tips to remember when putting your child in the pool:

  • Keep your baby in your arms at all time.
  • Make sure you have switched a regular nappy with a swimming nappy to avoid ‘accidents’ in the pool, which can be dangerous to other swimmers.
  • Store rescue and first-aid equipment near the pool at all times.

Teach Your Child To Float

The first thing you need to teach your child in the water is how to float. Teaching them how to float early on will help ensure your little-one knows what to do in case of an emergency, how to stay calm and keep their head above water.

Teach Your Child To Blow Bubbles

Your child will need to get used to having water on their face. Ensure you keep hold of your child and show them how to place their mouth in the water to blow bubbles. This exercise can help prevent your child from swallowing water when submerged.

Teach Your Child To Kick

Help your child hold onto the side of the pool and kick their legs, keeping the legs straight and alternating. If they are scared at first, you can support their stomach and chest.

After Your Child Masters The Basics

Swimming 4
When your child can comfortably float, blow bubbles and kick, kick, kick, it’s time to move into some more swimming basics:

  • Being able to hold their breath underwater, starting from a few seconds.
  • Comfortably paddling in the shallow end of the pool.
  • Easily going from standing to floating and swimming without help.

If Your Child Is Afraid Of The Water

A big body of water can be scary. If your child is afraid of the pool, or is hesitant about swimming, there are a few things you can do to encourage them to join you in the water.

  • Play in the pool by yourself. If your child can see you’re having fun in the pool and are perfectly safe, this may encourage them to want to come in. Just make sure they are in a safe place while they watch.
  • Sit on the edge of the pool. Splashing your feet in the water while seating on the edge of the pool will help them get used to the feeling of water.
  • Visit a parent and child swimming class to help them get used to the water.

For professional swimming lessons, check out these Rockhampton swim schools and coaches.

Puddle of Fun Swimming Academy 
Offering a range of fun swimming lessons and squad training in Rockhampton, Puddle of Fun Swimming Academy provides a safe environment for both kids and adults. Their services include:

  • Swimming lessons for all ages (including adult learn-to-swim).
  • Adult fitness classes.
  • Fitness and competitive squad training.

The Puddle of Fun Swimming Academy coaches are trained to work with people with disabilities, babies and toddlers. For a fun and friendly swimming school that always puts safety first, check out the Puddle of Fun Swimming Academy on LocalSearch.

Shut The Gate Learn To Swim
Boasting more than 150 years of swim coach experience, Shut The Gate Learn To Swim is a family friendly swimming school. Their services include:

  • Swimming lessons
  • Aqua aerobics & Zumba
  • Hydrotherapy

Shut The Gate Learn To Swim offers 2 indoor heated saltwater swimming pools, with heated changing area for your comfort. To find out how you can book Rockhampton swimming lessons, visit Shut The Gate Learn To Swim on LocalSearch.

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