The Healing Power of Crystals

December 10, 2015 - 2 min read

The healing powers of crystals have been documented through history. Ancient Egyptians were well known for their use of crystals, while Ancient Romans used them to promote good health and provide protection in battle. Here we have listed 7 of the most popular crystals and their purpose.

Top 7 Crystals and Their Powerful Meaning


Promotes: calm, balance, patience & peace

A calming purple colour, the amethyst crystal is said to provide spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity of mind. It works to repel addiction to poisons, particularly alcohol. It may also have a positive effect against insomnia and nightmares.


Promotes: positive thinking, friendship, balance, strength, love & serenity

It’s believed turquoise is effective in aiding communication and helping one speak the truth. This greenish-blue stone is believed to benefit people who are shy, while aiding in wisdom and forthrightness. It can also promote feelings of calm in those about to speak in public.


Promotes: peace & tranquility

The shimmering multi-coloured shell of abalone helps to calm emotional situations and enhance feelings of peace, beauty and love. Believed to soothe frazzled nerves, abalone can also strengthen the immune system and energise the body.

THE CREATOR: Adventurine

Promotes: prosperity & career success

Adventurine is used to boost creativity and imagination, as well as feelings of calm and balance. It enhances prosperity and is believed to bring career prosperity. There are many different colours of Adventurine, each associated with different chakras.


Promotes: power, energy & clarity

Due to their high vibration, clear quartz crystals are believed to increase energy levels and help restore the body’s balance. They bring clarity to communication and stimulate the mind. Clear quartz also works to remove negative energy as well as cleanse and improve internal organs.


Promotes: love, fidelity & generosity
Known as the stone of the heart, Jade is a vibrant green rock known for its soapy texture. It is used to attract and boost love as well as encourage fidelity. This crystal is also used to promote wealth and create a positive attitude towards money. Jade works to strengthen the mind and is said to assist in clear reasoning when making important business decisions.


Promotes: love, prosperity, passion, creativity, strength & peace

Due to its organic origin, coral is thought to help us connect with nature, bring inner peace and strength. Red coral is associated with romance and passion, while pink shades of coral are used to restore harmony to the heart and aid depression and lethargy.

* Disclaimer: You should not substitute traditional medical treatment for crystal healing.