Tips For Creating a Magnifico Mediterranean Backyard

December 10, 2015 - 2 min read

Why travel half way around the world when you can bring the Mediterranean to your own backyard? Here are some renovation and landscaping tricks to trick yourself into thinking you’re on a Greek Island.

Want to transform your plain backyard into a slice of Tuscany, Barcelona or the Greek Isles? It’s far easier and more affordable than you may think! What could be more serene than wandering thorough your sage-scented garden, or enjoying coffee with friends on your own mosaicked patio?

We’ve prepared a few helpful renovation tips that will make you feel like you are on a Mediterranean holiday whenever you set foot into your back garden.

Columns and Arches

arches mediterannean

Nothing quite achieves the Mediterranean look like gorgeous columns and arches. In addition to giving your yard an added sense of grandeur, arches and columns can also provide you with a great reference point when arranging potted plants and other outdoor furniture. Though columns are perfect for supporting your pergola area, you could also arrange columns that are free standing to create that ‘Greek ruins’ charm. It’s an inspired setting for terracotta features, such as vases and tiles.

To make your arches and columns come alive at night, be sure to set up lights at their bases. This is a particularly effective style for pool areas.

Mosaicked Pools, Fountains & Water Features

mosaic fountain

There are numerous advantages to choosing mosaicked surfaces for your pool, fountain or any other water feature. In addition to being highly versatile (you can be as creative as you like with your mosaic design), mosaic tiles have high stain and scratch resistance.

Set off the earthy tones and terracotta features of your backyard by using rich, cobalt blue for your pool, fountain and water features areas. The cool blue colours (juxtaposed with the darker hues) will make your pool area more appealing and give your home a more tranquil aesthetic. Pairing blue mosaic tiles with white stucco walls will instantly transform your outdoor area into a Greek resort.

Fragrant Herb Gardens

herb garden mediterranean

 Lining your walkways with aromatic herbs will contribute both to the ambience of your outdoors and your home cooking. Popular Mediterranean options include lemon thyme, flat-leaf parsley, garden sage and Greek oregano. You should be able to pick these up at your local nursery at a great price.

Planting herbs in broad vases or mosaicked pots will instantly endow your home with extra ‘old-country’ charm.

Wrought Iron Furniture

wrought iron furniture

Simple, affordable and effective, wrought iron furniture is a guaranteed way to add a dash of Tuscan refinement to your outdoor area. The stark, dark colours of the wrought iron can juxtapose effectively with the brighter shades of the garden and tiled areas. What’s more, you can create intimate coffee and tea spots in your backyard using wrought iron furniture.

Going with scroll-patterned iron chairs and tables is perfect for giving your outdoor areas that 1910s/1920s vibe.