If you’re not already accustomed to whipping up the perfect piña colada, we’ve found the easiest recipe for you to store away in your memory. This one step cocktail is sure to become a favourite, whether you’re enjoying it during the hotter months or throughout winter.
3 parts pineapple juice
1 part white rum
1 part coconut cream
Crushed ice
Small umbrellas
Mix all of the ingredients in a blender with ice and once smooth pour yourself up a delicious tropical cocktail this weekend.
This is a drink that will make you feel like summer can last forever as the weather begins to turn cold, so if you’re running low on your piña colada ingredients, quickly run down to these local bottleshops to stock up on your white rum and other bits and pieces! Miniature umbrellas are essential!

Do you love piña coladas like this woman? Pop down to your local bottleshop in Townsville.
Do you love piña coladas like this woman? Pop down to your local bottleshop in Townsville.

Herbert Hotel Cellars
If you’re looking for somewhere central to pick up your ingredients in Townsville, run into the Herbert Hotel Cellars on Sturt Street. Right in the middle of town, you’ll find that this independently owned bottleshop is stocked up with all of your essential white rums, as well as a huge variety of other spirits, beers and wines for your weekend. You’ll find the friendly staff at Herbert Hotel Cellars can help you out with anything you’ll need to make the perfect piña colada, so for service with a smile don’t pass this bottleshop for all of your liquor essentials.
Where: 102 Sturt Street, Townsville City QLD 4810
The Bottle-O Seaview Hotel
If Friday afternoon is so busy you can’t even stop to get out of the car, drive down to the Bottle-O Seaview Hotel where you can drive through and have your alcohol handed to you. Let them know whether you’re after a pre-mix version of the piña colada or just a bottle of white rum and they’ll be able to help you out. If you’re after a top shelf bottle of rum, run inside to the liquor barn and choose from the huge range of bottles they have on stock. This bottleshop is located near plenty of cafes and take away restaurants if you need some food to accompany your fruity drink.
Where: 56 The Strand, North Ward QLD 4810

VIP Gourmet Cellar
To stock up on your white rum, pop into the VIP Gourmet Cellar at Victoria Park Hotel. This butcher’s shop turned gourmet liquor and food store is the perfect place to visit before whipping up yourself a piña colada for the weekend. Not only will you find premium white rums on the shelf at the VIP Gourmet Cellar, you can also grab a few naughty treats to enjoy alongside your cocktail for the evening. Why not pick yourself up some decadent MOR products and candles, or a tub of Lick mango and toasted coconut ice cream to compliment your tropical drink.
Where: 262 Boundary Street, South Townsville QLD 4810
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Do you have a go-to piña colada recipe? Let us know your secrets in the comments below!