The Benefits of Split Air Conditioning in Australia

As the weather cools down, you need a system to keep your home warm while also keeping energy costs down. A split air conditioning system can keep your home warm more effectively and is often a cheaper solution to traditional window air conditioning units. Find out the benefits to the split air conditioning unit, and why every Australian home should have one.

As fall sets in and the air becomes cooler, it’s nearing the time to turn on the heater and prepare your home for winter. Now is the time to start shopping for the best heating units available, especially one that will be the perfect fit for your home. Split air conditioning systems are the right choice for many Australians this season and for good reason; they provide cool air during the summer months and heat for the winter.

Split air conditioning systems are simple two-part systems. One unit is installed inside the home and the other is installed outside the home. Each unit is responsible for its own cooling/heating functions.

Outdoor air conditioning unit next to front door

The indoor unit

The indoor unit is typically wall mounted in the room it needs to cool. It houses the air filter, cooling coil and the fan.

The outdoor unit

The outside unit houses the expansion and condenser coils and the compressor.

The connection

The two units are connected through a power connection, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, as well as a condensate drain. This means the units are compact and provide cold or hot air when you need it the most.

Split air conditioner indoor unit

Easy to Install & Maintain

Split systems are very easy to install, maintain and keep clean. Unlike traditional air conditioning units, split systems do not need ductwork and heavy-duty installs, large air handlers or cables. And unlike window units, they are powerful, providing adequate cool or warm air, depending on the season. Split systems are perfect for year-round use, bringing ease of use and comfort to your home.

Good on the Eye & Ear

Split systems look modern and stylish, offering a unique spin on traditional air conditioning design. It does not take up much space and can be positioned pretty much anywhere on the wall of your choice. And because it is a two-unit system, the indoor system stays quiet and non-intrusive. The outdoor unit houses the compressor, which is where the ‘air conditioner’ noise comes from.

Offers Versatility

Split air conditioning systems are some of the most versatile units on the market today. You can have the indoor unit installed virtually anywhere in your home, including multiple rooms, unlike window units. And unlike traditional heavy-duty air conditioners, split systems do not require any ductwork, which can be very expensive. The split unit does not require putting large holes in your walls and the outdoor compressor unit can be situated a fairly long way from the indoor unit, doubling down on the reduced sound.

wooden house with coin stacks

Good for the Budget

Because of the elimination of ductwork, the cold or warm air is transferred from the compressor directly to the indoor unit. This means no energy loss and the air flow stays strong and consistent. And unlike window units, the air doesn’t escape through areas around the unit. Everything is completely sealed for maximum airflow. This means your energy dollars are not wasted. Not to mention split air conditioning systems are far less expensive than having a system installed that requires house-wide ductwork.

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