The Pêtit Snail

French cuisine and fine wine, The Pêtit Snail - Byron Bay
French cuisine and fine wine, The Pêtit Snail – Byron Bay

If France had to be famous for just one thing, it would definitely be Champagne. Home to the famous region, little has to be said about the craftsmanship and quality of bottles which originate from this area. If you simply adore wine and are in the mood for a glass of French du vin, be sure to pay The Pêtit Snail in Byron Bay a visit this weekend. Relax in their culture rich location as you browse over their extensive list of fantastic ferments.
From classic bottles of fruity Shiraz to crisp, dry glasses of Pinot Grigio, whatever your palate desires you can enjoy at this little piece of Paris in the heart of Byron Bay. Be sure to pair your chosen bottle with one of their simply divine dishes which ooze with rich, authentic flavour for a truly European night. Oh, and one last thing – if you’re out to impress tonight, order a bottle of their special Champagne, it’s a true winner. Bon appetite, ladies and gentlemen.
Where: 5 Carlyle Street, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481
The Cellar
Grab a bargin, The Cellar - Byron Bay
Grab a bargin, The Cellar – Byron Bay

So you’ve invited the crew round and need to find the right wine to compliment that delicious roast your partner is currently slaving away over. Luckily for you, the perfect bottle of red to match the Beef shouldn’t be too hard thanks to The Cellar. Located on Lawson Lane, this fantastic bottleshop is home to some of the most premium wines in the area.
Are you looking for quality without breaking the bank? Try The Arakoon Lighthouse Shiraz Cabernet; this unique and velvety blend combines dark fruits such as plum and dark cherry to achieve a smooth and full-bodied taste. Priced at an affordable $17.99, pick up a few of bottles of this fantastic wine and hurry back home to impress your partner – and help out with the cooking of course!
Where: 4 Lawson Lane, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481
Relaxing vibes, Basiloco - Byron Bay
Relaxing vibes, Basiloco – Byron Bay

Walk through the door at Basilico and you’ll feel as though you’ve suddenly touched down in Sardinia. Yet another European country that enjoys the relaxing side of life, it would be unusual to find a local without a glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon. If this lifestyle sounds just about right, make Basilico your go-to location this weekend. With a wine list impressive enough to knock the socks off any high-ranked connoisseur, you will never have an empty glass at this Mediterranean hub.
Home to both international and Australian bottles, your only worry this afternoon will be choosing the right wine for the occasion; our advice, don’t just settle for one – after all it is Sunday! In the mood for a deep and mysterious red? Ask for a bottle of Illuminati Riparossa from Abruzzo, Italy, to awaken your wine-buds. Pair this perfect wine with some of their delightful tapas dishes and you’re in for an afternoon of pure bliss – the Sardinian way.
Where: 32 Lawson Street, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481
What is your favourite wine? Let us know – or better still – send us a picture of you enjoying it!