Simple Budget Friendly Fuel-Saving Tips

August 10, 2015 - 4 min read

Save on fuel, save your cash! With these tips, you’ll be cutting down on your fuel consumption every time you stop in at the petrol station!

Do you feel like you’re constantly fuelling up? If you’re on a tight budget and don’t have excess money to spend on fuel, read on. With the cost of living constantly on the incline, a rising petrol bill will only compound the problem. There’s so many great Tweed Coast restaurants, cafes and bars where you should be spending your money, instead of using it to get from point A to B. Since you can’t change the price of petrol, we’ve provided you with a number of techniques to make your trips to the petrol station less frequent.

Think before you drive


Before you get behind the wheel of your car, try to plan out your day’s activities. If you’re making several trips throughout the day, plan your journey so you can do as many of these at once. Also, make sure you’re steering clear of rush hour traffic as constant stopping and starting can really chew up your fuel.

Lose weight


Whether it’s a big set of golf clubs in your boot or you just can’t be bothered disconnecting the trailer, any excess weight you carry on your journey will cause your car to burn more fuel. Compare it to your own body, if you have to exercise with a 10kg backpack on, you’re going to expend more energy than if you didn’t.

Watch your foot


Is there really a need to overtake the car in front of you, just to be ahead at the next set of lights? Accelerating slowly and travelling at a constant speed is much more fuel efficient and will also mean less wear and tear on your motor. If you’re driving a manual, try not to let the revs get too high before changing gears.

Avoid the air-conditioner


Ideally you’d love the air-conditioner running all year round in your car, but you need to compromise on temperature control if you want the gratification of a low fuel bill. Also, using your air-conditioner less will allow it to last longer before it needs re-gassing.

Tyre pressure


Since your tyres are the only things connecting your car to the road, it’s important that they are at their optimum psi level. If you’re tyre pressure is low, the car will expend more fuel. Try to think of it like riding a bike; it’s a lot more tiresome riding a bike with flatter tyres, than it is with pumped tyres.

TIP: Maintaining tyre pressure will improves tyre wear, braking and fuel economy. 38 psi is recommended for most vehicles and if your tyres are 2 to 4 psi underinflated, it can add up to 10% on your fuel bill

Ensure you car is running smoothly

Whether it be worn out tyres or a dirty air filter, there are a number of potential problems with your car that can cause excess fuel consumption. To ensure your car is running at 100 per cent efficiency you should get it serviced regularly by a mechanic. We’ve done our research and found a couple of the most popular mechanics on the Tweed Coast, who will be happy to help.

Machinery Drive Motors

Friendly staff and competitve prices, Machinery Drive Motors - Tweed Coast
Friendly staff and competitve prices, Machinery Drive Motors – Tweed Coast

If you’re looking for a trustworthy mechanic who knows what they’re doing, book your car in at Machinery Drive Motors. Specialising in all auto-electrical, mechanical and car servicing matters, you can have peace of mind knowing your car is in the capable hands of these mechanics. From logbook servicing, safety certificates and brake repairs to air-conditioner re-gassing, electrical faults and a whole lot more, Machinery Drive Motors are your one-stop shop for all things mechanical.
Where: 5/38 Machinery Drv Tweed Heads South NSW

Adrian’s Autos

They accept cars of all shapes and titles, Adrian's Autos - Tweed Coast
They accept cars of all shapes and titles, Adrian’s Autos – Tweed Coast

Is your car overdue for a service? To make sure your car is running efficiently and problem-free, let the friendly team at Adrian’s Autos take a look under the bonnet. This locally owned and operated mechanic is extremely female friendly and even offer a courtesy vehicle, as well as a pick up and drop off service. With a versatile range of mechanical services all done with a smile, you can’t look past Adrian’s Autos when you need a mechanic on the Tweed Coast.
Where: 2/14 Enterprise Ave Tweed Heads South NSW

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