Start off with some delicious broccoli and feta omelettes. Loading up on fibre and protein in the morning will have you filled up until lunchtime. Crumble a small amount of feta over your omelette for a light diary fix. Add a slice or two of toast and you’ve got yourself a fulfilling quick-fix breakfast!
For an even simpler, frying pan-free breakfast, try almond butter and sliced banana on toast. Featuring metabolism-boosting starches and nutty proteins to keep you full, this twist on regular toast will have you feeling energised for hours. Use peanut butter if you’re not a fan of almonds.


You can easily boost the amount of nutrition and flavour in your egg salad sandwich by adding some curry powder. Also, by switching out mayonnaise for a spoonful of natural greek yoghurt when mixing your eggs, you will keep your fat and calorie intake low, without skipping on taste!
If you’re in need of a snack to quell those between lunch and dinner cravings, whip up some avocado cups. Smash some avocado, add some spices and serve spoonfuls of them in lettuce leaves. This snack will provide a fresh crunch for your tastebuds, and you don’t even have to worry as much about overindulging!


Mexican cuisine is always a great choice for flavour and simplicity when it comes to prep and cooking. If you have some fresh fish, beef or chicken in the fridge, cut it into strips, grill it up with Mexican spices and chop some salads for fresh tacos. Whether you like them hard or soft, tacos are always a winner for an easy dinner.
No matter what you have in your fridge and pantry, there’s always something you can stuff into half a capsicum. Capsicum cups are extremely versatile, as they’ll go with almost anything from meat to chopped veggies and cheese. Fill half a hollowed-out capsicum with ricotta and spinach, season with salt and pepper and bake for around 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Yum yum!

Satisfied with your healthy snacking for the day? Why not step in to one of these Shellharbour restaurants for dinner—after all, you’ve earned it!

Relish on Addison

Whether you’re after a quiet lunch or an exquisite dinner, Relish on Addison offers exceptional versatility. During the day you can pop in for a casual coffee or meet up with friends for lunch. Once evening comes around, join Relish on Addison for a fine-dining experience. Specialising in contemporary Australian cuisine, the qualified chefs and staff at Relish on Addison will have you walking out the door with a full stomach and wide smile. Drop in today to check out their seasonal menu and see what tickles your fancy!
Where: Shop 4/6 Addison St Shellharbour NSW

High Sea Restaurant

If you’re craving Oriental flavours, you can’t go past High Sea Restaurant. Serving up modern Asian cuisine, including Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Thai and Vietnamese dishes, the friendly staff at High Sea Restaurant will have you well looked after. For when you’re feeling like a relaxing night at home is in order—with no washing up involved—this restaurant also offers numerous takeaway options with free home delivery! Providing versatile dishes that include seafood and vegetarian options, make your next dining experience at High Sea Restaurant.
Where: Shop 3 Lot 2 City Plaza Memorial Dr Shellharbour NSW


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